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  • How is the corner sharpness with ultron 35mm 1.7 asph and Distagon ZM 35mm 1.4?
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    Having some troubles opening 32bit float TIFF and HDR files with XnViewMP. For a HDR file it imports as 24bit. The TIFF ile it reads as 48bit but there is pop-up telling it will be converted to ...
  • I upscaled 20k 32bit hdr file to 50k to see if any free image editor and Blender 2.79 or 2.8 can handle it. Would there be any point to make bigger 32bit panoramas. Hugin supports, first step no ...
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    I found one graphical user interface that maybe can do BigTIFF. XnView MP The Webpage says TIFF (Tagged Image File Format), Revision 6.0 has extension BigTIFF.
  • I was thinking about 360 deg 32bit hdr panoramas 50k+. Now horizontal resolution seems limited about 20k - 30k. This are very common sizes for hdr environment light maps you can get, that look ...
  • I had same idea, just curious why this has not been done already, are there some complications with this format. Hugin seems to be able to write BigTIFF. I see if i can compile Gimp 2.10.x.
  • Created discussion thread BigTIFF file format
    Seems like .tiff .hdr .exr files have 4gb and 32000 pix or so limit. PSD file reading is not supported on some applications i need to use the files. Are there any free image editors that can save ...
  • Z = Zee ΕΎ = Zed
  • The Z6 and X-T3 are entirely different beasts. One is centered around auto focus lenses, another i see myself shooting with zeiss and voigtländer manual focus lenses. Does the Z6 smudge corners...

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    Leica M-A for photos and blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4k for video. Match made in heaven.
  • With Z6 you get dynamic range and IQ with milvus and art lenses, but X-T3 with dual UHS2 cards gives you small compact backup solution.

  • This might be cheap backup camera for Z6 in wedding. So you get extra peace of mind.

  • Seems like everybody is selling Fujifilm gear for the D850 or a7III. Fujifilm is going against D850 with 50R, but D850 has wide selection affordable lenses. Film camera community is pretty much ...
  • What a shame, the camera body design is very nice, but the specs like card speeds and confusing video codecs and bitrates that work against the purpose of the camera.
  • All cameras that have unremovable CE marking (Conformité Européenne) written on body and lenses are actually prosumer devices. Only film leica cameras and lenses are not. The D850 with milvus 35mm ...
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    I'm watching the video reviews and the back screens seems so good. Handling of camera is wonderful. I like the body quality more than a7III. Seems like people are carried away with EVF blackout and ...
  • Can you ask, what is the issue then when somebody has 300 lenses and 50 camera bodies, no portfolio, but the single card slot ends the world?
  • How isn't camera beeping loudly if the MD5 Hash is different in camera buffer compared to what it saved on memory card? This stuff is as old as Windows NT 3.1
  • After D850 was released in USA, Europe had to wait 1 year for the price to drop from 5500-6000 USD to 4000 USD. Z6 see you in 2020.
  • Well X-H1 has even worse spec on paper. My first impressions from reviews are far better.
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