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I've been considering getting saving up for an EOS R6 but the lens selection on E-Mount is hard to beat right now. Hopefully Sigma and Tamron can bring these lenses to other ILC mounts as well!

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Gordon W: So many variables and personal tastes involved that makes this test too subjective to be useful.

Subjectivity is the entire point of the test. A lot of people like to brag about the camera that they have/their phone has as if the amount of pixels, sensor size or whatever else is the be-all end-all of what makes a good picture to the end user.

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Lotus Cat: Excellent specs. I give it that. Otherwise, 20Mp is a major fail for a FF camera in 2020 . I am not particularly impressed with this camera in an increasingly mirrorless landscape. Please don't respond about this dinosaur DSLR because nothing you have to say regarding DSLRs will impress 2020-enlightened folks here.

My camera is 24MP and I probably wouldn't really notice if it was "only" 20. As already stated, for the types of people that use this type of camera the difference is negligible.

And how much faster do you need it to be than having an ethernet port and/or an incredibly fast card format?

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I have no need for something this level but it has so much good stuff in it I can't help but want it. Looks like they hit it out the park with this

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(unknown member): hahaha. 2019! crop-sensor DSLR lenses anyone? thanks, but no thanks. now, when it is way too late those 3rdparty makers finally manage to match zoom ring direction with lens mount, rather than stubbornly insisting on "Nikon wrong direction" only even fir Canon-mount versions. But, too late. Better invest time and effort to reverse engineer EF-M, RF and Z-mount. could use sone decent, well affordable glass for those mounts, not for dead in the water mirrorslappers.

2019! wake-up call!

I'm gonna make a really wild guess and assume there are a lot more crop DSLRs out there than crop mirrorless bodies. But what do I know, I'm just a guy on the internet πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

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Nikita66: I loved my 11-16 until it got stolen. But it was big and heavy and the zoom range was so limited I used it like a prime, which made me wonder, why not just do an 11 or 10 mm 2.8 prime that would be smaller and lighter? So I don't really understand why they would upgrade this lens.
Also, is there any difference in size or weight from the old one? Dunno, no one explains... Thanks for nothing DPR.

The 11-16 is by far the smallest and lightest lens I own, what are you comparing it to that you consider it big and heavy?

Also this is probably gonna be an unpopular opinion on a website like this, but zooms are so much more convenient than primes.

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keeponkeepingon: $1000+ dollars and it can't take a picture while taking a video.

I think putting that $1000 towards the latest iPhone would better serve my family so we can get both photos and videos without juggling two cameras......

All it's doing is taking a frame grab of the video (8MP at best), which if you're the type of person to spend 4 figures on a camera you probably know how to do anyway?

Which other ILC bodies do you know of that can do this in the first place? πŸ˜‚

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They basically added everything I wanted as an 80D owner, can't wait for it to be released officially

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Alex Zeee: Sony's pace of innovation is INSANE. Gotta wonder where the A7SIII is though πŸ‘€

The processing power alone is a huge achievement imo. Squeezing 15 stops from such a small pixel pitch (of course we'll need to wait for tests to verify the claim) is impressive and processing 610 MP a second for almost 7 seconds is not an easy task. It's really not that long ago that 7 FPS was a great effort for normal/high res cameras and getting into double digits required reducing the resolution of the sensor

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Sony's pace of innovation is INSANE. Gotta wonder where the A7SIII is though πŸ‘€

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STEPH RHODES: 8 bit video??? Still???
No 4:2:2???

Is there at least 4k/60p?

Putting 8 bit video into an HLG profile and calling it "HDR" is like putting old VHS video into a 1080p file and calling it "HD".

The A7RIII is now the best bargain on the planet. $2099 new on Ebay, and more than enough resolution as well a darned good focusing and the same 10 FPS with a mechanical shutter. It too has 8 bit 4k with an HLG profile.

I'm not an electrical engineer but would 10 bit 4:2:2 even be possible when downsampling from a 61MP sensor?

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Mariano Pacifico: If there are mechanical parts, I am not buying. Camera will not last long.

Basically every phone before smartphones came about had moving parts and somehow they were fine, so I don't understand this sudden concern for sliding designs. I think in the ~12 years since the iPhone launched people have figured out how to make sliders better, not worse

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jkokich: I like them all, except for that tennis court one. What a piece of elitist modern art tripe. Someone will probably pay millions for it.

I'm genuinely curious as to what's elitist about an orange tennis court with a crack going through it? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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That is a killer lens lineup to have within 18 months. The bodies are still a bit lackluster for me but to be honest I'd feel much better about spending 1300 on an RP than 2300 on the R and put that extra 1000 towards their lustworthy 28-70mm. Canon's lens team is phenomenal!

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The lack of 1/8000 shutter and mega slow burst with AF suck but honestly for that price I might almost forgive it and upgrade to this. May not be the most compelling camera in a vacuum but for once I don't feel overcharged for a Canon camera

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Timelapse is huuuuuge, so glad it's finally back! The only thing they really need now is to allow users to control the menus through touch and these cameras would be even closer to perfection for me

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How about putting actual 4K on the roadmap first?

- Someone who wants to spend money on a 90D

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I stopped taking pictures with my phone ever since I got my ILC mostly because the 28mm equivalent usually isn't wide enough for me and 52mm isn't long enough/has no use anyway for me. My next phone will definitely have at least the very wide and medium wide lenses, I can see these being boatloads of fun.

A lot of people are crying about IQ but if that's your main concern then maybe you should re-evaluate why you're into photography imo. Sure a camera with a bigger sensor and lens choices gives you more possibilities but end of the day none of it matters if you're too busy trying to crunch numbers in your head to enjoy the actual act of photography

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TN Args: Where does the Surface Book fit in with the Surface Pro and the Surface Laptop?

Especially interested in which models suit the photographer as a combined home and portable device.

It's way more powerful than both and has a proper keyboard/trackpad. Really great machine, wish there were more like it but it's also ridiculously priced

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Dear Samsung,

Please steal this.



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