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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV Review (1565 comments in total)
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Paul Storm: did you have to post-process all your sample images??? that is wrong on so many levels. especially for a (honest) product review.

@Rishi, you are missing my point, i want to see what comes out of the camera vanilla flavour. pushing exposure is one thing, but the moment you change whites and blacks you are digitally changing dynamic range and manipulating the curve, which does not highlight what this camera is capable of out of the box. this is not about the need for post-processing but giving an accurate impression of a camera's stock capabilities

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV Review (1565 comments in total)

did you have to post-process all your sample images??? that is wrong on so many levels. especially for a (honest) product review.

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On article Nikon D750 Review (2001 comments in total)

I have the d600 and after numerous visits to the service centre I can categorically say: I AM NOT NIKON


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never buying nikon again, unacceptable for a D810. shows there’s something very wrong with their product quality. i left my d600 at the service repair center, they can keep their junk. never buying a nikon product ever again!!

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On article Readers' showcase: Landscape photography (90 comments in total)

cliche x 15

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Michael Ma: Amazing concept. Although, just skimming through these, I think your time would be better invested in something like for online learning. I don't disagree with the importance of a degree and having to go through a system getting one but Professors, although they do certainly possess valuable information that you want and need, don't necessarily make good teachers or presenters. If you've ever taught, a big part of the lesson plan is figuring out how to fill the 50 minutes or 80 minutes, which often results in a lot of endless droning of slides and creative ways to fill time.

Why not a carefully crafted 15 minute lecture that inspires and moves, and a few key takeaway concepts? Some students would complain that they are not getting their money's worth.

That carefully crafted 15 minute lecture may take 40 hours of research, planning, and prep. Instead you can just put 30 slides together and wing it based on your knowledge, and hopefully some of what you say will be absorbed.

you don’t get it, is the “how” of photography, much of this course explores the “why” and “what” of photography. but if you dont see that you should really sitck to lynda.

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On article VSCO launches $1M artist initiative fund (10 comments in total)

Wow not bad for selling lightroom presets, which should be free. I found this site to get some very useful presets, and they are free.

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those images are heavily post processed. look at the contrast on their faces, the quality of light is different. Also the guy in the back is too far back in perspective compared to the leaves in which he is standing. unbelievable!! these guys were pasted in.

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It's now beyond reasonable doubt that the release of the d610 was simply to fix the d600 design flaws.

Nikon listen up, the right thing to do is to replace every 600 with the 610. anything else is insulting and wrong.

Link | Posted on Feb 26, 2014 at 16:46 UTC as 90th comment

about frickin time, i had mine cleaned twice and still no better. will tread cautiously next time. what a company!

Link | Posted on Feb 26, 2014 at 15:49 UTC as 96th comment

now i know what they look like, fire them all!! this is the company that STILL is not admitting to having produced a camera with serious design flaw (ie the D600) and quickly reissued another model to retify the problem (the D610). nikon you should have done the right thing and just replaced all D600 units - ARE YOU LISTENING??? yes i own a d600 and will never buy another nikon product and pay for their salaries ever again!

Link | Posted on Feb 17, 2014 at 17:05 UTC as 136th comment | 1 reply

a new 16mp leaves me cold, especially for an apparent ‘pro’ level camera. another ‘improved' wrapper around the same sensor. come on bump it up to 24mp at least! this is just milking a brand.

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On article Roger Cicala gives Nikon D610 a clean bill of health (92 comments in total)
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AlpCns2: Good to know that Nikon has apparently improved quality control on those shutter mechanisms, despite the fact that the entire D600 "issue" has been completely blown out of proportion. As has been proven by several renowned and respected professional photographers / camera reviewers - such as Thom Hogan.

Having said that, Nikon should have handled the relatively few people that had indeed genuine issues better and more professionally. This has dented their reputation and as a consequence, customer confidence.

Oh and BTW, I have two D600's - and never had any issues with them.

it’s clear none of you own a d600. i do and the problem is there regardless of how many shots you take. i regret buying this and will never give a company like nikon my money again. they should be giving all d600 owners the 610 as this is such a clear admittance of a design flaw.

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what i’d really really like to see is how leica lenses stack up to the competition and why they are always suspiciously absent from dxo testing.

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On article Nikon D610 real-world and test scene samples (59 comments in total)

nikon has confirmed the d600 i paid 2k for generates sensor junk. my last nikon purchase ever. never again lining some sneaky japanese excutive’s wallet with my $$$.

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On article Leica unveils D-Lux 6 Silver Edition (92 comments in total)

leica is destroying its brand with this strategy, and by extension so is hasselblad. verbatim cloning another product. this is indicative of a firm that has milked its brand for too long without investing in its future.

Link | Posted on Oct 24, 2013 at 17:01 UTC as 46th comment | 2 replies

That design is pure Newson, especially the mesh. But I keep wondering why 2 designers Leica? Perhaps your just stupid.

Link | Posted on Oct 10, 2013 at 10:41 UTC as 48th comment | 1 reply

dammit sigma, now i have to spend $60 just to update my lens firmware!

Link | Posted on Sep 20, 2013 at 12:18 UTC as 14th comment | 5 replies

Not very convincing looking at the output of 2 experienced photographers. I'm sure we would have seen same shots had they used an iPhone. They should have given the phones to two homeless bums experienced in the art of homlessness and then seen what they produced.

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