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  • Imagine it’s Halloween 2019 and you’d like to use your GR III to shoot in the NYC Halloween parade. Well, looks like you’re out of luck unless you want to carry an external flash. Imagine you want ...
  • I have to dig mine up. The purple in mine looks like a creature and as you said it happens when not even being in direct sunlight GRDIV.
  • You have to do a side by side. It’s obvious ...
  • I believe that happened a couple of times to me as well on the GR I. It happens quite a lot on the GRDIV. i have never seen it on the GXR 28mm though. In my opinion the rendering from the GXR 28mm ...
  • The sharpness is softer with or without IS on. I’ll have to dig when I get the chance to show an image with the “purple monster.” i also personally like the noise pattern better as well On the ...
  • If you own both these cameras you can see the difference for yourself. The GRDIV does focus faster but it does not nail the sharpness that the GRD III does. I also find that when shooting with the ...
  • Created discussion thread Some GRIII VIDEO FOOTAGE
    Not sure if this has already been shared or not? There’s some good footage here. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fqYPE9p1be0
  • You can also set up your shutter button to replace the ok button in the middle for such tasks. Even confirming exposure compensation once changed instead of pressing ok. It’s an option in the menu ...
  • If you do it th fn2 way doesn’t a little thumbnail box pop up and then a shutter confirmation to make it disappear to remove from obstructing your view on the screen. ? They did it that way with ...
  • I Hope we will still be able to go BLACKOUT with the LCD Screen on the back. I sometime will use an OVF set my distance/exposure and just go with the Force. )
  • You are right.
  • Thanks Harold, perhaps there will be even more interesting ways to achieve distance on the III with the new touch screen. Maybe a way to tap on the prefocused distance desired numerically. ?
  • Is this what we’re supposed to do.
  • Depending on a WiFi signal to transfer your shots to a smart device seems counterintuitive. The specs say they are not implementing Bluetooth. What?  We’re coming up on 2019. I’ve been complaining ...
  • Created discussion thread SNAP FOCUS GRIII
    I believe the best implementation of SNAP FOCUS was installed on the GRDIII. All you had to do was firmly press on the ⬆️ button and whirl the front control wheel and go through your different ...
  • I would like to know from anyone WHY it’s a good thing to not have a flash?  If they had replaced that area with an OVF that would make sense for its reason but nothing? Just so it’s a little ...
  • Replied in The Last GR
    Exactly Mike.
  • Created discussion thread GR III Development Announcement
    https://m.dpreview.com/news/7912788156/ricoh-announces-development-of-long-awaited-gr-iii No flash, No OVF. What the hell.
  • It also wouldn’t be fair for those working the Ricoh booth. Imagine being inundated with GR questions for 3 days & having to keep a lid on things.
  • I’m thinking we’re going to get our announcement on Wednesday. Why waste precious media opportunities by waiting till the last day, it doesn’t make sense. ??
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