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I don't want to attach something on the bottom. I rather want to see an accessary that uses Flash hot shoe to keep one extra SD card (as I don't use Flash to shoot). If you limit it to micro SD cards, then the size would be very small.

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I'm very fond of black-and-white photos. I'm currently using Nikon P7100 Camera, which has a good black-and-white support, to shoot black-and-white photos. My question is 'Is there anything that film can do but digital cannot?'.
Is there any reason why I should consider getting film camera and films to shoot black-and-white photos???

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I, as a Nikon P7100 camera owner who waited for years to get a decent successor (such as rumored P9000 or Nikon DL, am very unhappy about recent Nikon product development and am deeply disappointed. The management team who is responsible for today's Nikon should be demoted.

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I recently travelled to Japan and I stopped at a Olympus' show room just to check out this OM-D E-M10 Mark II. I was considering this to replace my aging Nikon P7100 point-and-shoot camera. The camera was amazing. The body size was almost identical to the P7100 but it was a real DSLR. The EVF is beyond belief.

However, after trying out it by my hand, I feel this is *not* something I was looking for.

There are several disadvantages against my Nikon P7100. But the biggest disappointment was very poor Black and White support. I used to shoot Black and White photos and I'm very fond of Black and White photos.
Nikon P7100 provides Creative Monochrome feature and modes provided under the feature are quite sufficient.

Shooting Black and White is possible using the OM-D E-M10 Mark II but the modes provided are very poor. It doesn't provide Solarization. Nikon P7100 provides Solarization (no preview, though) and I used it quite frequently.

I felt the camera is targeting family use.

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Where is P8000?
I have been waiting for Nikon to release P8000, one with one inch sensor, for many months now.
Meanwhile, other vendors have released compact with one inch sensor and they are getting better.
How can Nikon stay in the race without providing their own product?

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korayus: On NikonUSA site D4 has USB 3.0 connection:

Yes, this is interesting.
I checked the same info from (in Japanese). I found that the USB interface of D4 was High Speed USB (USB2.0 not USB3.0) and wired Ethernet was mentioned.
I think they changed the interface at last minutes.
Did they make a right decision? It is hard to say.
As the targeted D4 users are high-end professionals, the choice may be right.

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I'm not a fan of mirrorless cameras, at least, it is too weak for real camera jobs and too expensive and too bulky to replace point-and-shoot cameras.
However, now Nikon has 1-inch sensor.
I'm hoping that in the future Nikon produces something like P9000 (fixed lens) using this 1-inch sensor (the lens would cover something like 24mm ~ 150mm). I think that kind of camera would be a nice second camera for serious DSLR owners (travel camera).
Not all serious DSLR owners want to carry around heavy DSLR all the time.
BTW, I just made an order of P7100.
P7100 is probably "good enough" for most occasions.

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