Barry Stewart

Barry Stewart

Lives in Canada Chilliwack, B.C. (near Vancouver), Canada
Works as a retired teacher, current freelance writer/photog
Joined on Mar 2, 2002
About me:

Equipment: Oly E-1, SHLD-2, Oly Flash 50r, Oly 4o-15o (1st ed.)
l4-54 (1st ed.), ZD-50, Oly 50-200 swd, Oly E-PL5 and two kit zooms. Also the Bower 7.5 Fisheye and Sigma 60.
Oly E-M1 and m12-40.
MacPro Tower 2x2.66 Ghz dual-core Intel. 2014 Mac Mini.

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  • With my TG-3 linked to iShare, there certainly is a zooming toggle on my iPad. Not sure why it wouldn't show on your micro 4/3 with 12-50 (power zoom). Do you have several devices to try iShare on?
  • My, you are really staying current, LOL! Did you have many clicks on the E-10? I didn't wear mine out — but I heard the shutters weren't to be trusted past 20,000 or so.
  • He was in the sick bay from kindergarten, so I was on 'Grampa duty.' We made little set-ups on the kitchen counter and I took some photos and showed them on the laptop. Then he went to the front ...
  • Replied in Focus bracket
    'Never knew that about the E-500. My friend has one and doesn't use it much. He might, if he knew about that function. Would it have been the first-ever camera to do that?
  • Yes but: this was with a very basic kit lens — at F/5. Compare it to the first shot (leaves) where the blur is pretty harsh. I know the backgrounds are totally different. Branches and twigs are ...
  • Or was the best bokeh not from the butterfly on the thistle flower? From a 14-42 kit lens? Wonderful photo!
  • Replied in Sample
    Here's a test sample that DPR has included in its review of the Mk II. Wait for the second part, as it REALLY improves when stabilizing is enacted. As an ...
  • Hi Lawrence, my main camera is an Olympus EM-1, with secondary service from the E-PL5 and E-1, all with different lengths of lenses. I really appreciate the "face detect" function on the micro 4/3 ...
  • Every month or so, I grab the E-1 off the shelf just to remind myself of what a fits-like-a-glove feel it has to it. I shoot the occasional wedding and always bring along the E-1 with ZD-50 lens ...
  • (To be clear, we're talking video use. Not an issue for photo use. )

    Yes, you could leave the LCD flat against the back of the camera… making it hard to use if you have the camera low to the...

  • I haven't read every word — but I've scanned each page to see the problem with the port access when the screen is tilted out.

    I'd like to see a photo of the problem, with wires plugged in. It...

  • I'm surprised to hear that they aren't sealed. My old 4/3 50mm F/2 Macro is.

  • If you flash with a radio slave (which breaks the TTL connection) you can usually shoot one or two notches past the posted synch speed. I've noted this from the E-1 on.

  • Replied in E-100RS
    Good point! For its time, the E-100RS was a feature-rich camera. (And hey: a $256 Mb memory card cost about $256 at the time. Yes: Megabyte. Imagine!) I would have kept mine longer, if I hadn't ...
  • Replied in Mk II AF, Chris
    I don't like to hear that. I'm always amazed when I point my E-M1 at a post and the green focus-confirm square refuses to lock onto it… often wanting to dodge to one side or the other. Maybe they ...
  • That almost matches my path in digital, Michael. I had been a Minolta film user for almost 10 years and was waiting to jump to their digital DSLR… which was taking WAY too long to arrive. I ended ...
  • If I have my 50-200 SWD on my E-M1 and I need a short lens as a quick option, the 12-40 or Sigma 60 goes on the PL-5. The PL-5 was my first foray into Micro 4/3. I still have my E-1 and use it ...
  • I took my camera bag, with two bodies and lenses, to record my grandsons' first kindergarten performance, about a month ago. The recital was the culmination of a week of work with a visiting dance ...
  • Replied in Not appreciated
    Especially in social situations, quality photos that are not immediately available are just not "liked" as much as the good-enough, instant access ones provided by cell phones. Photography has ...
  • Replied in Testimonial
    I have the latest upgrade on my E-M1 and 50-200 SWD. I was reffing in a high school soccer tournament but also needed to write about it for my sports column in a small town weekly. (Makes for great ...
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