Barry Stewart

Barry Stewart

Lives in Canada Chilliwack, B.C. (near Vancouver), Canada
Works as a semi-retired teacher, freelance writer/photog
Joined on Mar 2, 2002
About me:

Equipment: Oly E-1, SHLD-2, Oly Flash 50r, Oly 4o-15o (1st ed.)
l4-54 (1st ed.), ZD-50, Oly 50-200 swd, Oly E-PL5, E-M1.1 and E-M5.2. 40-150 Pro, 12-40 Pro Also the Bower 7.5 Fisheye and Sigma 60.
Oly E-M1 and m12-40.
MacPro Tower 2x2.66 Ghz dual-core Intel. 2014 Mac Mini.

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  • I don't have the Panny, so won't comment on it. The 60 (120) reach of the Sigma is often useful for 'sneaking up' on people across the room, without them knowing you're 'that close.' It's such a ...
  • Replied in Seriously???
    The HATE word made us look — but I doubt the OP was truly THAT ticked off, red-faced and blowing steam out of his ears. Your points about enjoying the day and getting into the flow are valid, ...
  • Replied in I agree...
    At least you caught the phone-camera user with a warm smile on her face — but yeah, if there's a paid photog on the site, others should wait their turn. Unfortunately, people don't all work from ...
  • Bang on there. One of my biggest beefs, when shooting sports.I hope/plan to leap frog from my E-M1,1 to the X, if it has strong C-AF especially.
  • The E-M1.2 would be THE choice for tracking and high FPS, I'd say. I have the 1.1. Is this high dive, where you're tracking the complete dive, from tower to water? That could be a challenge, that ...
  • Well, in your case, Oly could include the CLAFLF (Chain Link AF Legacy Filter) — found as a third submenu of AF features. LOL!
  • Commented on photo Flashes2 in the Lightning strikes challenge

    Beautiful! (And with such a 'ancient' and basic camera!) You have the skills and the 'eye.'

    Did you use a neutral density filter?

  • As many sports photogs here have found, chain link fencing and soccer netting is a magnet for Olympus AF — perhaps other manufacturers as well. I'd love my next Oly to have an "ignore chain link ...
  • Replied in Try this
    I don't own the lens you are talking about. Does it have an MF clutch, like on the 40-150 and 12-40 Pros? That's a common issue, where a user has slipped the ring to MF and forgot to put it back ...
  • As a freelancer for a small town newspaper, I've had my Olympus camera gear in front of a LOT of faces since 2002. I've probably shot 30-40 weddings in that time as well. I don't often get asked ...
  • I've had that same feeling with various Olympus cameras, at times (I can't vouch for any other brands.) In some lighting situations — with a stationary target clearly in the centre of the frame ...
  • Oops, miscalculation. Had my a.m, and p.m. twisted. -- Barry
  • He'll be at 30,100 by end of day!
  • Are all the parts there, or were you in a stream when it happened? You SHOULD be able to turn the hood in the opposite direction of the little white arrow, while pulling it away from the lens.
  • I just played with my hood and there's plenty of flex when it's pulled back. The least flex is when it's in active position. Same finding as you, I believe. As I've said earlier, I like to leave ...
  • For sure, the springs would be a challenge — though I think I could make a facsimile more easily than a ball bearing. I'm sure glad I found my bearing. Amazing, how such a tiny item could captivate ...
  • I've had no concerns with my 12-40 hood, though I've had it for about 4 years.Mind you, I never play around with it. It stays in place, 24/7. (Btw: congrats on not quoting my entire story. Good ...
  • The first time my lens hood fell apart, I was lucky to be in my office and everything was retrievable. The next time, I deliberately took it apart, to apply new glue. I should have been working in ...
  • I remember when I got my first M4/3 camera, an EPL-5, with plastic kit lens. I compared  the weight to a bag full of my 4/3 gear. It was laughable! Now, I routinely pack over 15 pounds (7 kg) of ...
  • I'd say I sit somewhere in the middle, as far as treatment of my gear is concerned. I don't like to fiddle with front lens caps, so I never use them (other than on my fish-eye lens.) As a modicum ...
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