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On article Is Instagram 'debasing photography'? (291 comments in total)

"Debasing", "the antithesis of creativity"? Get a grip. Snapshots were never considered more than snapshots during the five decades in which I've shot images.

If anything is debasing the power of professional and/or fine arts photography, it is the sheer glut of it. The medium lacks the power it once had, because it is so redundant and omni-present.

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On article Photoshop CS6: Top 5 Features for Photographers (98 comments in total)

Adobe Photoshop is the most bloated piece of software on the market... photographic or otherwise. If they'd spend half the energy on streamlining the product they already have, vs. continually releasing a stream of releases with minor tweaks, they might have a much larger audience.

Yeah, I get it about those who have already invested years in learning the hidden secrets of the megalith. Frankly, I'd rather spend the time photographing.

When are people going to say enough with the frosting. Please bake a new cake?

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Do us all a favor: If you don't know what the pricing is going to be, hold the press release.

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review (705 comments in total)

"... mushy jpegs, even at base ISO." And it receives a score of 82%? Lucky it wasn't a Pentax, Samsung, or Panasonic camera.

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As suggested, how can the "public" vote for a camera that is hardly out in the marketplace? What a total crock.

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Can conspicuous consumption be offensive? Yes. Should DP Review be reviewing fashion statements? No.

My comment would be that Leica is beginning to look a little desperate and the panache is wearing off. They court the consumer level buyer with a Panasonic clone with an inflated price and then market silliness like this. It's sad, because my guess is that they are hurting and really have nothing new to bring to the market place.

Do I appreciate the emphasis on quality? Oh, god yeah! It's desperately needed in an industry of shoddy build qualty. But what are the margins on a $50K camera without even a hot shoe?

Where's the cosmetic department?

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I beginning to regret the close to $300- purchase I made buying Optics Pro 7. I picked up the standard version, then was socked an additional $130- to upgrade to "Elite" after purchasing a D700.

You're lucky to find tutorials. I can't find where you update versions and they've now configured their "Contact Us" option on the website, so that it's like filling out a job application. Downloads are incredibly slow... can you sense the enthusiasm?

The modules that work are very good. But the company is so "seat-of-the-pants" and out-to-lunch that I'd suggest people steer well clear and stick with Aperture, Lightroom and Phase One.

Shoot. Another $300- down the drain.

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Good news. With the Nikkor 24-70mm going for $1900- on Amazon, one would be a little thick not to check out the viability of this lens.

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Too bad they can't release a firmware update for noise levels at ISO's higher than 800.

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On article Flickr poised for much-needed interface improvements (81 comments in total)
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fyngyrz: "He also appeared to rubbish the site's clean but rather dated..."

To... "rubbish" it? To put garbage upon it? Eh? Is this some turn of phrase with which I am unfamiliar?

There's no reason you should be familiar with it, fyngyrs. It's Brit slang. (A new word every minute.) It's rubbish. We're really cooked when Thai slang starts being used.

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On article CIPA starts to report growing mirrorless sales (191 comments in total)

I'm again amazed -- as an old timer returning to photography after a number of years -- at the utter gullibility of today's consumers. What again is the advantage of these hybrids? Size? Weight? It certainly isn't image quality.

I suppose it's a wonderful thing for those suffering from tendinitis in lugging around cumbersome dslr's. But the real motive for companies isn't tech. advancement. It's profit margin by pushing an unneeded segment to market. Small sensors equal greater profits and slow down the demand for REAL innovation, particularly in the area of anti-aliasing and color.

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On article Video Interview: Chuck Westfall of Canon at PPE 2011 (104 comments in total)
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Bob Meyer: Anyone who thinks Westfall, or any other Canon official, is going to provide any real information about their future plans doesn't understand Canon, or the camera industry. What do you expect?

Not to read tea leaves.

I don't care about the official nomenclature of the camera industry anymore than I care about that of the automotive industry. If a spokesman has nothing to say that will enlighten the consumer, say nothing.

It's a shame that people have come to accept this as the norm.

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On article Video Interview: Chuck Westfall of Canon at PPE 2011 (104 comments in total)

Is there anything he isn't hawking? Top end? Greater connectivity for photojournalists. Mirrorless? Pros can find a use for the miniaturization. 7D, 5D? Great budget options. G series? Excellent with room for some updating.

Bottomline? Nothing in the top-of-the-line camera that substantially improves image quality. It's a shell game with parts that offer no substantial advancements in the image.

Kudos to DP for conducting the interview.

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