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she's so famous that most people don't know her

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On article 900MP portraits show human face in extreme detail (284 comments in total)
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afterswish1: Smiling allegedly uses fewer muscles than frowning (or looking dead bored?!), or something like that. Perhaps someone should have mentioned that to these folks before the shoot!

Then again, maybe sitting stock still for 30 minutes put them in a bad mood. I have to say though, this is probably quite interesting for dermatologists, for myself not so much. Each to their own.

it's false. Smiling is more muscle-intensive

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i have a question about Red cameras for you gurus out there. i know the Red camera are modular cameras. But do they use a reflex system like a DSLR or are they mirrorless ?

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Steen Bay: Well, if something sounds too good to be true... As far I can tell the QE of the Red Dragon must be quite a bit higher than 100% in order to get such a high SNR, and that's hardly the case.

what does QE stand for ? it's not the first time i read it but i can't find the meaning
ah quantum efficiency, that seems to be it.

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marike6: By some of the comments about below like the "many consider the GH2 better" I get the impression some are not really sure what the Black Magic Cameras are capable of. So here a quick look at a travel type video:

Whatever camera this footage was made with is a magnificent camera

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hammerheadfistpunch: Forget this as any kind of still camera or the comparisons to such, this is a cinema "B" camera. Yeah its got a 3x crop, but for $1000 you can get 13 stops of DR with the codec and color space to take advantage of it, a great system of lenses that work out of the box and it will fit in a pocket (sans lens). the 12-35 (24-70) becomes a 36-105 f/2.8 (for light) and its stabilized and thats plenty for a "B" camera. Honestly, I never shoot wider than 34 mm equiv. anyway. and there are still wider lenses like the 7.5(22.5) , 8(24) , 9-18(27-54)
For people who complain about the crop factor, or the lack of resolution and frame rates, or whatever...let me remind you. $995. That's less than one good quality 1x1 lite panel, and im sorry but if this delivers half of the promises, it will be worth every penny. The GH2 and 3 are nice, but you will never get the kind of DR or color uniformity from those 4:2:0 12 stop cameras as you will from this. I can't wait to get my hands on one.

what do you mean by DR

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That release is nothing more than a waste of time

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On article Canon announces EOS 5D Mark III 22MP full-frame DSLR (457 comments in total)

This release is a disaster.
There is no swivel screen, no raw video format, no video autofocus feature, no uncompressed video output, they have only added 1.2 Mpixels in resolution since 2009.
This camera has been hastily released for the Olympic games crowd, it looks like an empty body with a new chip.

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