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E-7 Wish List Olympus SLR Talk Mar 23, 2013
AF speed D700 slower than D3? how come ? Nikon FX SLR (DF, D1-D5, D600-D850) Talk Feb 12, 2013
Nikon addressed most problems of the V1 with the V2..... ! Nikon 1 System Talk Oct 28, 2012
Can Olympus 4/3 glass cover a bigger image circle? Olympus SLR Talk Oct 24, 2012
A 10-75 f/4 VR lens would be perfect for the System 1 cameras. Nikon 1 System Talk Oct 19, 2012
Olympus E-7 what you are expect or hoping for... Olympus SLR Talk Jul 18, 2012
Who make D3x/s's sensors ? Nikon FX SLR (DF, D1-D5, D600-D850) Talk Jun 11, 2012
Underwater housing for V1 Nikon 1 System Talk Mar 10, 2012
for nikon simple improvements to the V1, all firmware Nikon 1 System Talk Feb 21, 2012
E7 wish list now that the OM-D series is out Olympus SLR Talk Feb 19, 2012
Nikon N1 Survey by Nikon Nikon 1 System Talk Feb 18, 2012
what new nikon 1 lenses would you like to see? Nikon 1 System Talk Jan 15, 2012
Use Four Thirds Lenses with which other body Olympus SLR Talk Jan 8, 2012
I had enough of Nikon price strategy Nikon FX SLR (DF, D1-D5, D600-D850) Talk Jan 7, 2012
Four Thirds - Nikon1 sensor to mount ratio Olympus SLR Talk Jan 4, 2012
V1 as a professional tool? Nikon 1 System Talk Dec 24, 2011
Oly take-over? Olympus SLR Talk Nov 18, 2011
14-35mm f/2 or 35-100mm f/2 Olympus SLR Talk Nov 16, 2011
Aptina sensor in FourThirds DSLR Olympus SLR Talk Nov 12, 2011
phase detect autofocus in a mirrorless camera. Nikon Patent? Nikon 1 System Talk Oct 27, 2011
Fastest lens theoretically possible with Nkon 1? Nikon 1 System Talk Oct 26, 2011
Why is the Nikon 10-100mm so huge??? Nikon Coolpix Talk Sep 23, 2011
Olympus Ideas executed by Sony and now possibly Nikon? Olympus SLR Talk Sep 18, 2011
Similar IQ and colors as E-1 Olympus SLR Talk Sep 12, 2011
True beauty (got me smitten). With E-1. Olympus SLR Talk Sep 9, 2011
43rds users have a future Olympus SLR Talk Sep 7, 2011
SNAP by E-1 Olympus SLR Talk Sep 2, 2011
A cheeky request (M9 or M8 raw file) Leica Talk Aug 22, 2011
Zuiko Digital ED 14-35mm to replace my 12-60? Olympus SLR Talk Aug 11, 2011
It's funny, when I sold all my Canon gear Micro Four Thirds Talk Aug 9, 2011
Do people here still want Oly to switch to Kodak sensors? Olympus SLR Talk Aug 8, 2011
best guess for new Nikkor in 2011 Nikon SLR Lens Talk Aug 3, 2011
What should the Olympus roadmap look like now? Micro Four Thirds Talk Jul 4, 2011
M10 with upgradeable sensor...$7K. You in? Leica Talk Jul 2, 2011
German photo mag Colorfoto introduces new testing method Olympus SLR Talk Jun 17, 2011
What are the prospects of a manual focus DSLR ? Open Talk Jun 14, 2011
Olympus by Camera/Lens Galleries Olympus SLR Talk Jun 2, 2011
New and updated LEICA products coming up! Leica Talk May 17, 2011
Poll: What sensor would you prefer ? Olympus SLR Talk May 16, 2011
Who will buy an E-50 ? Olympus SLR Talk May 4, 2011
D700 / 70-200 II Portraits: C&C please Nikon FX SLR (DF, D1-D5, D600-D850) Talk May 3, 2011
Roll your own Olympus Olympus SLR Talk May 3, 2011
What got you into Olympus ? Olympus SLR Talk Apr 29, 2011
Is Olympus’s glory age coming? Olympus SLR Talk Apr 19, 2011
What should mirrorless cameras be called? News & Rumors Talk Apr 16, 2011
A very interesting read for anyone interested in 4/3rds Olympus SLR Talk Apr 13, 2011
Bad news - Christchurch NZ hit by another quake News & Rumors Talk Feb 26, 2011
Full frame cameras: how small is possible? Canon EOS-1D / 5D / 6D Talk Feb 24, 2011
Why are the Japanese manufacturers so afraid? Micro Four Thirds Talk Jan 31, 2011
What's happening to the E system..? Olympus SLR Talk Jan 15, 2011