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Jefftan: In my opinion all big/heavy/expensive sub frame camera is a bad idea
include X-H1/ g9 /E-M1 II

If people can accept the price and weight of these, most will just go full frame

when they are release, fuji/panasonic/olympus probably not aware of A7 III
hard to see how they can really compete with it

from my standpoint, if Sony just release one more budget priced 20mm or 24mm F2 lens (like FE 28 F2)
the whole system is very hard to beat if one don't mind heavy weight

Yep they're pretty small. Bordering on being too small in fact. I have an X pro 2 which is a nice size camera, I had a X-T1 but it was a bit on the small side. I think this X-H1 with a grip you can hold onto will be perfect. The Olympus Em1 series are beautiful cameras but way too small for me. The buttons are hard to tricky to access etc. The Sony A7/9 series obviously have excellent sensors but ergonomically they're a bit of a pain to handle. Everything is relative.

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Weerterbos: Just a few things.
'Oh look, a tall ,white bald bloke with a camera, escorted by other white people. He must be the milkman-never-taking-photo's.' So much so for not being aware of being photographed.
Sony a7R II has a flippy screen, no need for bad framing 'from the hip'.
What was the switch to the a7R II from, an a7R, so the switch was less dramatic then it sounds? (He did have sony lenses already per what he writes)

I rest my case.

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On article Nikon D850 Review (2105 comments in total)
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Pedro Courelas: Time to switch for Sony...

Off you go!

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On article Nikon D850 Review (2105 comments in total)
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kevin_r: Oh, the weight! The weight! The weight!
Lots of people who would otherwise have been tempted will be put off, regardless of the other great features.
Such a shame.

I'm a working photog, and so far mirrorless doesn't work for me. I've tried EM-1, Fujifilm but use Nikon D800E's - I also use an X-Pro 2 for fun but it has the benefit of both OVF and EVF. I tried a X-T1 but the EVF just doesn't cut it in back lit high contrast situations. I've never worried about weight, like it actually but size, now there is a thing......If I could have an X-Pro 2 with an D800E (or D850) engine inside. End of story. Ha!

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On article Nikon D850 Review (2105 comments in total)
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eno2: The price in USA is 3299$, that means at the current dollar to euro exchange rate: 2795 euros + VAT (19% here in Germany), and they announce it my country for 3799 euros. This is pure robbery!

They shouldn't comply if people here in Europe will start buying imports from the gray market. I think this is the only way go get around the avaricious Nikon Europe.

A very bad moue Nikon, I'm very angry with your European prices politics!

Check out the OZ prices mate, truly horrifying....and we're probably the closest to the manufacturer base...

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On article Nikon D850 Review (2105 comments in total)
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dash2k8: As a Canikon shooter, I think I can objectively say this thing will significantly reduce how much time I use my 5D4 (unless it totally flubs, which I don't think is likely). Hopefully it lives up to the hype.

I'm genuinely intrigued as well, I too find it strange that a photog would have both Canon and Nikon. Not so strange that you have either Nikon/Canon and say Fujifilm. I have a Nikon set-up and 4 Fujifilm lenses for my X-Pro 2 and when I'm not working it is my take everywhere camera. Much lighter etc fun and great IQ, but still not what I feel comfortable with in my working environment.

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PhotoUniverse: My money is ready the minute it’s available

You have a roll of film as your icon. Pretty old technology.

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