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Group Foto Outn West Coast Canon 450D 17 April 2011 054_edit (1067x1600)IMG_0048_edited-1 (960x1280)IMG_3256-copy_edited-1 (683x1024)IMG_0608 crop - Copy (1067x1600)IMG_0608 crop - Copy (1067x1600) (854x1280)Full Moon (1280x848) - Copy_MG_8905_edited-2 (833x1280)IMG_0175_edited-1 (1600x1200) - CopyIMG_0608 crop  - (1067x1600)Mostly Fish_0091-copy Square (1200x1200)IMG_0022 copy (1163x1600)090 Copy Cropped_MG_4421_Bell_final (1067x1600) (854x1280)_MG_9506IMG_0608 crop - Copy (1067x1600)Possum Lateral Head edit (1600x1281)Hippos and Waterbuck (1600x1065)IMG_0007 (1192x1600)SA 2010 232 edit (1600x1200)_MG_6264_1 (1280x853)_MG_8237 (1280x853)2012-07-14 17_pe12011 06 24_Solo Motorhome Trip Hamilton 400D 26 June 2011_0990_edited-2Harrrisville Club Day 081_edit (1280x914)Freezing Point Final Composite_edited-2 Plus Glow (1280x1024)Canon 450D 28 Jan 2011 043_edit (1600x1067)Ingram Rd Canon 400D 5 April 2011 025 copy (1280x818)_MG_7615_edited-1 Helen_edited-1IMG_0332_Final (768x1024)_MG_7132 (2) (1024x666)Juvenile Black Backed Gull (2) (1024x1024)_MG_6859 copy (1024x683)photo (29) (683x1024)The Unlikely Traveller - Duotone (844x1280)IMG_4602 EDITED__edited-1 (1280x853)_MG_9306_edited-4 (1280x1280)27 09 11_Aircraft And Aircraft Vistas_5868-copy Slide (1280x853)_MG_6991_edited-2 (1280x853)IMG_0031_edited-2 (960x1280)Picture 522 - Copy (1280x1023)Freedom 1 (736x1280)Full Moon (1280x848)Possum Lateral Head (1280x1025)_MG_0107_edited-1 copy (1600x1064)_MG_0107_edited-1 copy-panorama (1600x593)IMG_0269 copy (1067x1600)_MG_0313_edited-1 copy_pe (1024x683)Puke Photoshoot Outing 450D 3 April 2001 120 (1600x1067)Full Moon (1280x848) - Copy