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powP0Wpow: I use to own a ton of lomo cameras... and luckily sold all of them. They are fun for awhile but after the novelty wears off, you really see how much of a piece of junk they are... with the exception of Holgas to try 120 film, don't fall for this crap.

I'm kinda with you. I've put a few rolls of film through a few Lomo cameras (Fisheye, Holga, Diana, etc.) and in the end I find the whole thing a little extraneous. My iPhone is way more versatile, and takes far better pictures without the hassle of film.

If I'm going to go through the trouble of shooting and developing film, I'm almost always more satisfied with the frames that come out of my old Minolta SRT-102. A nice used SRT can be had on eBay for not much more than a 35mm Holga ($50 now!), and can deliver everything from quirky, weird "vintage" colored shots (you can still buy Lomo color film) to sharp, rich, lovely black-and white with Tri-X.

With an old manual SLR you can still trick the camera into doing double-exposures, or drill a pinhole in a body cap if that's your thing. However, when you're done messing around with the gimmicky stuff, you can throw a nice lens on, wind in a quality roll of film, and go shooting with a camera that's joy to own and a pleasure to use.

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Dennis: People arguing about the relevance of such a lens and about this type of news being relevant to DPReview. Well, a newly developed Petzval lens is certainly much more relevant and likely to bring joy and fun back into photography than an insanely priced Hasselblad re-branded Sony compact camera with a wooden grip. And the reviving of such a lens (by crowd-funding) is much more of photography news than the absurd marketing ploy by the investor that has taken over one of the truly inventive companies of the past.

The Hasselblad Lunar does one thing well-- it makes all other photo gear seem like an incredible bargain. For the $7,000 price tag, I can buy a Nex-7 and, well, pretty much every lens I could ever want for it.

Or I could buy a Nikon D800e and 2 *really* nice lenses *and* this new Petzval. Mind you, I'm a casual, and I don't *have* $7,000 to spend on kit at the moment, but it's fun to think of how far I could run with the coin that one clueless but fashionable buyer might throw away on a Bedazzled Sony.

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On article Cine System Tripod Dolly and Mount Review (70 comments in total)

This is a very clever design, and the finish looks lovely. It certainly seems versatile for a do-it-all kit, however I can't help but think that the application seems *very* specialized.

The panning/zoom shots could be accomplished by bolting a ball-head to a cheap skateboard. It seems to me that the extra weight of the board, and maybe selecting one with larger-diameter wheels, might help smooth out the action.

Additionally, I attended PDN last year and saw dozens of DSLR suction mounts for automotive use, some of which seemed both very sturdy and *very* cheap.

What this does do very well is tabletop rotational panning, and the promised expandability of motorized wheels could be very useful for time-lapse. It seems like this is a very versatile kit that does a lot of things in a small package for a reasonable cost, but you might be able to get better results for each individual task with some DIY ingenuity.

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