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On article Sony Europe introduces a68 SLT with 79-point AF module (306 comments in total)
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Vafaculo Constosito Di Merdia: I went through 95% of the comments and although I agree with a lot of views here expressed, I still got a problem.
focus useless almost for fast lenses without any microadjustment capability, its a cheapo non wifi cam with a sensor that is probably the same as in a77ii which continues to be an epic failure.
Useless above iso 1600, totally wrong colours in bright sunlight giving a purple-ish tint on the skies, sony´s classic wavelet processing with all these arbitrary try/catch subalgorithms that offer inconsistent images, a red sunset appears orange/yellow, purple lights appear blue, etc etc..
sony users all together are not actively trying to get something worthy out of this brand by creating lets say a tag eg #sonysucks where millions of failed pics would be posted and then sell their cameras on ebay/amazon for a low price and send the auction´s link to sony´s customer service email or return their cams and ask refund!
otherwise, cams like this will keep coming to the shops´ shelve

Wow, hate much? And your choice of camera is? Your professional experience is from?

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Mike Gerstner: The tracking/AF system seems groundbreaking.......but the noise as one climbs up the iso scale is worse the 7D. If it had an 18MP sensor ( with a relatively weak AA filter) with less noise I'd at least rent one to try it out.

I'm out.

That gave me a chuckle. I enjoy reading all these comments.

It couldn't possibly be DPR's studio scene that is not accurate, it must be DXO that's faulty.

I've read other reviews comparing the 7Dm2 and a77mII, and though the 7D does do marginally better at higher ISO it's not described as "pulls a good deal ahead".

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On article Sony announces Alpha SLT-A99 24MP full-frame camera (92 comments in total)
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SiliconVoid: Sony steps up to the plate, knocks the dirt from their cleats, a practice swing to loosen up while assessing their competitor...
Its a swing, and miss! Strike Two..

I understand completely the 'digital age photographers' only have to see the technologically lazy marketing tags on a product (Digital, Electronic, Power Drive, EVF, etc) and think xxx product is the end all be all, the next greatest thing... but I'm sorry.. with no real viewfinder - not even some hybrid implementation with optical for standard and wide angle lenses, then an EVF mode for zooms - is a major fail at this product level. And please do not even attempt to argue the pixels the EVF has.. The human eye (by comparison) has an infinite pixel level, and therefore no EVF will produce the clarity and zero-lag of an optical viewfinder.

This toy, like Sony's recently announced ~$2700 fixed-lens mirrorless keychain fob, represents only one, functional, thing - fostering competition.
For that alone I applaud Sony.

>The human eye (by comparison) has an infinite pixel level,

Totally false, the human eye does NOT have an infinite pixel level. But it does have a great processor.

>therefore no EVF will produce the clarity and zero-lag of an optical viewfinder.

lol... that reminds me of the people that said "therefore, heavier than air travel is impossible"

I applaud you. Your post is quite humorous.

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