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On article Readers' Showcase: Documentary and Street photography (108 comments in total)

An excellent collection of street images. Those who find the images lacking ought to re-think Barney Britton's curatorial expertise.

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Jim Radcliffe: I am not surprised by anything Leica does anymore. The uber expensive Leica MM (More Money) is just Leica being Leica. $7,000 for a lens is.. well.. hard to find the words.. but clearly Leica is content to do what they have always done. Charge a premium for a simple camera with no bells and whistles (and now not even color).. and charge more for every new version/model/iteration even if nothing about the new camera warrants a price increase.

Like many here I have always been a Leica fan (there is a difference between being a fan and being a fanboy) but Leica has simply put themselves out of my reach. There will always be enough affluent individuals to purchase their products and keep the company afloat but I must say the image of Leica has become, in my opinion, quite tarnished.

Leica glass is without question, some of the best in the world if not the best but nothing Leica makes is what most of us would consider affordable. That is the sad part. Where is the Digital CL?

There are the professional photographers who can do a hard cold analysis of the cost and benefit of purchasing these expensive products, and there are the well-heeled amateurs of varying levels of photographic skills who can simply afford them. Both of these market sectors have kept Leitz busy manufacturing product at their full capacity. Is it any wonder that they wisely choose to increase their prices? Why wouldn't they? In what way are they tarnishing their image by doing this? The fact that you choose not to purchase their products because of the cost is something I fully appreciate; they are far too expensive - new - to me as well. But your continued mission to slag Leitz at every opportunity borders on manical obsession; you take it as a personal affront that Solms doesn't make product affordable for you, as if you represent the market they should be targeting. You aren't, nor am I.

Leitz has thought this out carefully and has profited as a result. Good for them. Leave them be.

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amblepath: I don't know if she has little hands but the Xpro-1 looks rather massive.

Keith is correct: the rangefinder lenses allow pre-set focus and an understanding of what focus range is sharp. Focus lag-time is zero, besting the fastest, most professional autofocus systems. Unfortunately the lack of depth of field information on the Fuji lenses won't allow for the use of this technique which to my thinking means the XPro-1 isn't quite a rangefinder.

But it does fit the rangefinder form factor. It is remarkably similar in body design to the Hasselblad XPan (made by Fuji!!!) and fits very well in my hand. The 28, 50 and 90mm focal length equivalent is perfect for me, too.

The question I have is: Given that aftermarket M-lens adaptors will be made, how can M-mount lenses be used with the XPro-1 optical viewfinder? Will frame-lines be present, or will these lenses only be able to focus electronically? If the former, great; if the latter, then I'm afraid the XPro-1 will not even be an M8 killer...let alone an M9 assassin. :)

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