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I can respect Leica’s hustle but this camera came out in 2018…

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Rather then rehashing a 4 year old camera in limited edition colorways, Ricoh should focus its efforts on producing a full frame GR21 with the same form factor as the original film camera.

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Ebeay: So... if the F in FX does not stand for FullFrame, what does it stand for?

That’s Nikon

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Isn’t the M10 already obsolete? Given that these cameras will never be taken out of the box why not make collector’s editions of film cameras instead of digital?

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snapa: When you said "The light from Earendel took 12.8 billion years to reach Hubble" what does that have to do with the cost of food, energy, or anything else that matters to people on earth right now?

How will that image help humanity in any way? I don't see any relevence to anything important myself. Please help my understand why this image is important in any way.

Aslo, if it took 12.8 billion years to reach Hubble, it has probably change significantly today, just saying. I guess its nice to see what something looked a very long time ago? :/

The same can be said about many other aspects of our way of life and shouldn’t be taken for granted. The Hubble space telescope was launched In 1990 and it is still working so why not use it?

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Biowizard: Wow! A *REAL* lens at last - just glass and metal. Like they used to be. No firmware. No electronics to fry. LOVE IT!

How many cameras have failed on you because of faulty electronics?

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How about a micro four thirds sensor in a RX100?

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Photato: -SD slot 3X *slower* than UHS-II
-Not the newer WiFi 6E.

Give Apple 5 more years and they might think about it.

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The fact that this is an affordable parfocal lens is awesome.

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Guys, give the camera on your phone a break. You have to admit that it’s not bad at all for what it is and it’s always there for you when you want to take a quick snapshot.

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GOVA: I do own the 1D, I still take pictures with it. I have 20x30 posters with pics from that body.

The IQ is outstanding. The CCD provides colors hard to match. The sensor has been extraordinary.

Yes, its 800+ ISO can't compare to today's bodies, blah, blah...
Its LCD is terrible, I keep it off. It has NO VIDEO, thanks Lord.
The batteries are clunky, but okay. It has been a beast and total winner 20 years ago and now.

And, yes, I have the original 1Ds too.

I also own the original 1Ds, and dare I say that the JPG that it produces are perfect it every way.

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Summicron? Ok

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Steve in GA: The really amazing thing is that NASA could even find a camera that would operate on the moon.

Google says that temperatures on the moon can range from 260 degrees Fahrenheit to a low of minus 280 degrees Fahrenheit. Do you think your Sony, Nikon or Canon could handle that?

Maybe they never went to the moon?

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Everyone, Relax! It’s just for FUN!

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Marty4650: How will Fjorden guarantee that this expensive add on device will be compatible with future iPhones? Are they partnering with Apple, or do they have some inside information about their future plans?

The iPhone has changed size, shape, thickness, and even connectivity ports many times in the past. How will they prevent Apple from changing them in the future?

Nothing last fjorever

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GarysInSoCal: What's the holdup? The REAL holdup takes place when ignorant patsies buy ANYTHING from Apple. Yeah I see all the yuppies with more money than brains standing in the 'my I-Phone needs constant service' lengthy lines at the red fruity store. I have a hard time containing my laughter... :D

Not all apples are red.

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So, we’ll see this in an iPhone in about 5 years after Samsung puts one out.

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Bokeh is overrated

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