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mcslsk's current gear

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III
Sony Alpha 7R II
Canon EF 100mm f/2.0 USM
Real nice camera when size is important. Great IQ.
Love it. Doubles as APS-C. Only dwonside is processing speed and some menue items.
Amazing quality at a very reasonable price. Works excellent on the A7R2 with MC-11
Canon EF 135mm f/2.0L USM
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM
Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0L USM
A wondeful lens that works like a charm on teh A7R2 with the MC-11
Excellent, yet large and heavy. But worth taling when speed and IQ matter
Great lens with good PDAF on MC-11
Sony E 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 PZ OSS
Sony E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS
Sony FE 28mm F2
I have seens worse images. Good for casual shootings and when on the bike.
All in one for trips with the a7r2 in APS-C mode.
A fine FF lens, yet somehow in the shadow between the 21 and the 35.
Sony FE 35mm F2.8 ZA Carl Zeiss Sonnar T*
Sony FE 55mm F1.8 ZA Carl Zeiss Sonnar T*
Sony FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS
An even better FF lens. Love size and weight. If I can only take one lens, this is it,
Excellent lens. Outstanding sharpness and rendering. Only downside is "by wire" MF
Also an excellent lens, but large and heavy. Worth taking when IQ matters and for close ups.
Voigtlander 15mm F4.5 Super Wide Heliar
Zeiss Loxia 21mm F2.8
Mine is an excellent copy with sharpness across the frame.
The 21, 55 and Canon 135/2L make a perfect combo on the A7R2. All you need. Using all three in FF and APS-C, one has the full range of focal lenghts from 21 to 200mm at a very high quality.
Other gear:
  • CZJ Biometar 2.8/80
  • CZJ Biotar 2/58
  • CZJ Flektogon 2.8/35
  • CZJ Flektogon 4/20
  • CZJ Flektogon 4/25
  • CZJ Sonnar 2.8/200
  • CZJ Sonnar 3.5/135 MC Electric
  • CZJ Sonnar Q1 4/135
  • CZJ Tessar 2.8/50T
  • Feinmess Bonotar 4.5/105
  • Minolta MD ZOOM 35 - 70 mm 1:3,5 MACRO
  • MOG Lydith 3.5/30
  • MOG Orestegor 4/200
  • MOG Orestegor 4/300
  • MOG Orestor 2.8/135
  • MOG Telemegor 5.5/180 V
  • Sigma MC-11 EF to FE