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calking: All this whining about a small sensor in a SMALL camera. shoot with a small dslr or a nex or fuji x100 and post back here which public museum or private gallery in the USA your work is being shown so we can see how great your photography is with a big sensor digicam.

Talented photographers take compelling images with a cell phone, compact P/S, Nikon 1, X100, old film camera, etc. Some of the best photos I've ever shot came off a Canon SD 500.

No one here has actually used these new cameras but many seem to already know exactly how they perform. LOL... yeah, sure ya do.

Thom Hogan points out this might be excellent as a sports cam for a "normal" person (meaning non-OCD, non-ADHD, non-energy-drink slurping gear freak). If you already have a good compact cam, 4/3(m), and a good DSLR, why worry about some other niche like this? I dont recall a bunch of ranting about a coolpix release.... oh, it's those EXPECTATIONS again that this would be a mirrorless D3s in P/S size. I forgot.

*sigh*. Whenever there's a remotely technical discussion about photography, there is always at least once helpful soul who feels the need to remind the rest of us that a "good" camera with cutting edge technology doesn't automatically equal great images (and as an aside, that we're not entitled to an opinion about photography unless we've been exhibited). Thanks for that, calking. Now i know where i've been going wrong all these years. Often, i don't even bother to look in the viewfinder. I just buy the most expensive camera i can find, close my eyes, and depress the shutter, hoping for world class images. Heck, sometimes i just hurl the camera at my subject and hope it fires off randomly.

No one is saying that it won't be possible to take good photographs with the V/J1. We're just complaining about the feature-set in comparison to the competition.

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