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  • Created discussion thread xt30 no beep?
    Hi. Jus like to ask is that normal if there is no beep when focused  in continous (switched to C) shooting mode like in single shot mode and overall in 18-55 2.8 autofocus motor is very quiet like ...
  • wide open and something good with dark scenes with some lights like small bulbs candles etc. i dont mind manual focus so what about adapters  and canon lenses or sigma(im not going to invest in ...
  • Created discussion thread lens buying advice for fineart /boudoir
    Hi. Few months ago i bought xt30 with 18-55 2.8 which is exceptional but i need to switch to sth more "sharper". For landscapes i dont mind manual focus lenses like samyang 12mm but my main type of ...
  • Which one will be better 11 or 16mm?
  • One more question regarding extension tubes from amazon (those cheap ones for around 30gbp) - how they perform with kit lens (18-55 xf). is there point to buy them or better invest in macro lens ?
  • what about this one - in photoshop in camera raw whole screen is going like in green tint, same with lightroom. if iexit apps everything goes back to normal
  • I think i found problem with colors and picture . in intel hd card in menu option where picture scaling is there is option like quantization range - where is full colors are ok but screen ...
  • windows 10. i set monitor to srgb mode as viewsonic tech support said and in color managment from the drop down menu i picked my monitor and color profile is vievsonic 2458 6500k icc (standard was ...
  • i didnt calibrate my monitor it came factory calibrated so i assumed that shoulf be ok. version V4 of what?
  • my point is now- as im editing and retouching in ps and lightroom with my new monitor viewsonic vp2458(equivalent of 2468 in us without bit lut) monitor shows strange gamma and colors (matt). ...
  • yes just for digital sources no printing.
  • ok thank you for help so just leave that option to srgb icc profile
  • no just external monitor
  • no just got show on 2 laptop screen which is 1 in system is switched off
  • Ok. I got problem overall when doing any work on photoshopon my external monitor connected to laptop in camera raw for example changing contrast in photos photoshop changing temperature or ...
  • Created discussion thread photoshop color settings.
    Hi. Just got quick question regrding photoshop: In option edit-color settings -working space rgb should i chose srgb iec..... or my monitor profie which is viewsonic 6500k icc...? Thank you
  • my viewsonic is 92ppi 36ppcm on laptop bit higher like over 100
  • Hi. Just bought viewsonic monitor. I hooked it up with my laptop via hdmi. According to manual i set monitor to factory srgb mode wich is precalibrated but cant figure out which color profile  ...
  • Created discussion thread viewsonic monitor question.
    Hi. Im looking for monitor for learning editing and photo manipulation. I came across on cheap Viewsonic vp2458. Here are some spec: Is that would be ok for 200GBP as for cheap monitor for editing ...
  • Created discussion thread acer Bm320 recommended?
    Hi. Does anyone can give me any opinion about monitot acer bm320 ? Looks intresting and can get that for 350GBP but cant find lots of info or reviews for that model. Thank you
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