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On article Lytro software update introduces Focus Spread feature (104 comments in total)

Can you imagine a good macro camera with this feature? Imagine a macro of a praying mantis or the pistil of a flower with all the intended parts in focus!

I suspect that if you had a decent sensor at least at the level of current aps-c and a quality lens element, you could charge $10K+ for a good macro camera that allowed infinite depth of field.

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On article Light Field Cameras - Focusing on the Future (142 comments in total)

I've never used the actual software, but I've played with their "sample" photos so I'm not sure whether the software will allow you to put almost everything in focus as if the photo was taken at f32. It should be able to.

If so, this has AMAZING potential for macro photography. Imagine being able to focus on an entire flower or bug rather than just the stamen or an eye. Would be better than taking 50 photos and painstakingly patching them together.

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My wife purchased a 5D3 over the D800. They are obviously both top notch cameras. However, she felt the 5D3 was a more functional camera for use outside the studio (and not landscape). However, the D600 has given her pause and made us feel like we made a mistake in going with Canon. Here's why:
First, the D600 is a lot of camera for the money. I think the sensor is slightly better, and otherwise, the camera is 95% as good as the 5D3 for a lot less money.
Second, Nikon seems to have upped its game. One reason why my wife chose Canon was that they have a history of being at the leading edge while Nikon always played it safe. (Example, that 12MP is enough cr@p)
Third, Canon seems to be really bad at playing catchup. This firmware is an example of a half-ass attempt at rectifying some of their errors.

These firmware changes are a welcome update. But Canon needs to: A) lower the price to $3000. B) Put out the firmware sooner. C) I'd like to see better auto ISO handling.

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