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  • :-)
  • Good job LeicaEye..... now can you fix our wifi menu??? :-D
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    I'm feeling pretty good too.... that time of day already (see below :-D ! ) The CL / lens looks great, you made a super choice.
  • Created discussion thread Firmware updates and Macs
    Hi, The menus in my DL7 don't all match what's in the updated user manual. Specifically the wi-fi setting is missing (replaced with a Fotos option that can be used for Bluetooth switch-on). I ...
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  • Oh dear the "upgrade" made it worse! Sorry! Maybe write to customer care (I did about the wifi but all they did was point to the manual, which doesn't reflect what is happening in the camera, so I ...
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    No, not at all. I'd be pulling my hair out (what little I have left!). What exactly have they been doing for 2 weeks? I bet you're really missing it! If you're worried about violating a privacy ...
  • Good luck with the update, would be great if it fixes it for you! Yes, WiFi is supposed to be in the Setup Menu. It's just not there for me but FOTOS does work so not sure what's going on :-) In ...
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    It might be worth getting a bigger SD card (if needed) and setting to take Jpeg Fine + raw. If the Jpegs look OK then just leave the raw on the card. I've had at least two instances where the ...
  • That's odd! Have you got the latest firmware installed (I think it's V2)? Might be worth dropping a line to Leica customer care. There is something a bit odd about the menus.... I don't have any ...
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    This might help..... but probably won't :-) When I open a raw file, it's set to open in Affinity Photo. You can't save ...
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    This might help clarify: My DL7 raw is a very weird .rwl file...... My Nikons were .nef But all raw. They can be edited on a Mac with the ...
  • I just checked and it can be set in any mode on mine. When you select drive mode on the control wheel, is the self-timer option greyed out or just not there? No doubt you've also read page 116 ...
  • Have you tried using Keychain to get your password? It's in the Utilities folder. Just open it and type your email address in the "search" box. Click the "Show Password" box and you'll be asked to ...
  • Nice shots!
  • Because we consider this to be a problem is why we're First World. Just sayin' ;-)
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    Congratulations! Looks absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see some piccies! :-D
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    Has it arrived yet? Are you doing an "unboxing" video??? :-)
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    Congrats! I bet you won't be able to sleep! :-)
  • Josh, there are laws in the UK regarding "fit for purpose" sales. This clearly wasn't. I don't have time to do an internet search (way past my bedtime here!) but it's worth pursuing. If a product ...
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