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kristian2000: I don't understand the logic of many of the comments posted under this story.
if a citizen calls the police to report a person at the beach with a sniper rifle, just what should the police do? Not respond because it's probably a replica?

Clearly they should spend the next 15 minutes trying to dig out information about what color it is, what shape, what length, how it's carried etc. Make sure the person with the rifle sees someone with a mobile phone staring at them whilst talking.

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MrBrightSide: Rules that extend across national borders so everyone knows exactly what is expected? How civilized!

Whether it's civilized depends on what the rules are.

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Entropius: When people in Ukraine finally got sick of their Russian puppet government and held mass protests, someone flew a drone over the crowds in Kyiv to document police suppression.

I hope that when people in the US finally get sick of our Russian puppet government, people are able to do the same with drones here, without "geofencing" or some such spurious excuse stopping someone from documenting what is going on.

Agreed -- dozens of people shouldn't be flying recreational drones above the National Mall in normal times. But when we come to abnormal times, I hope that there are technological solutions.

Yes, shipping large quantities of uranium to Russia, and quietly telling Russian top brass they will have more flexibility after the election, when they don't have to posture as hostile any more? Puppet government indeed.

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DFPanno: Odd question but can this open a txt file on Dropbox with a single button?

Yes, it can "open file" just like doubleclicking and use the default file opener (whatever you have set it to for txt files)

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Ah, private photo sharing!

>scans all the photos on your phone, transmits them to Facebook servers, identifies the names of the people in the photos, correlates the names with their contact info

uhh, private photo sharing.........

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otto k: In high resolution mode, what's happening with G9? In several places the fine patterns are completely smoothed out to the point of being full on blurry. Olympus does not do this (none of them, neither do other pixel shift cameras). It gets better at higher ISO with 800 practically being much better than 200. Just look on the banknote above (to the right) CARL RITTER text (and other similar locations).

Don't point this out, or the lunatic hordes bitter at their own failures in life will come out in force and accuse you of being bribed or having damaged eyesight.

Happened to me.

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Andersonm: Looks like the EM1X clearly beats the G9 in pixel shift, and slightly ahead in raw. Less moiré too.

Face of knight of hearts shows this extremely well.

Pixel shift - blatantly visible that it's sharper..
Less moiré - clearly visible, stronger red and green bands on the G9
Sharper - you can see the heart has tiny white dots in it on pixel shift. You can still spot them in normal mode. On G9 they are gone.

Why the utterly terrible attitude? Has someone violently damaged the head of Panasonic fans, or are you just prostituting yourself for cash online?

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Looks like the EM1X clearly beats the G9 in pixel shift, and slightly ahead in raw. Less moiré too.

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"The same machine-learning based segmentation algorithm that the Pixel camera uses in Portrait Mode is used to identify human subjects and add a warm glow to them."

Well, we remember how people reacted to iphone XS "smoothing effect"....

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Unpopular opinion: this is a good thing, because it reduces the chance of other and more inconvenient regulation.

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On article Nikon Z7 added to studio comparison scene (301 comments in total)
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Thoughts R Us: Once we get a test with a Z lens on the Z camera, then we can really compare. To me this test is a good data point, but no comparison is complete without testing the Z camera with a Z lens.

Those who have report that the Z system produces superior imagery.

Thoughts is right, which is why they always do these studio shoots with very sharp lenses at sweet-spot sharpness apertures. Basically minimize the problem by having the lens be "as sharp as can possibly be", so most of the difference will be due to the camera.

There's been instances of reshooting studio scenes because they figured out the lens used wasn't as ideal as another.

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On article Zeiss expands Batis lens range with 40mm F2 Close Focus (214 comments in total)
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ikan154: why are they making 40mm lens so big now? in pursuit of "quality"?
pentax made a great tiny 43/1.9, with AF.. the combination feels right (size, weight, quality, price)

Is it really so big? The hood is big, and it's not a pancake, but not exactly very big either.

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On article Sigma to take Foveon full frame and adopt L mount (428 comments in total)

This is fantastic news.

I have always been interested in the Foveon system. Got an outstanding shot of a complex scene with reflections in glass with one of the early Sigma cameras. But could not justify also having to buy separate lenses for it.

Seems to be Christmas time for photo enthusiasts lately.

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The First One Is Very Cheap

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On article Blackmagic Design announces Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (394 comments in total)
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Tom_A: I find it a really interesting product. One question: would lenses with OIS be able to function with OIS on this camera? I don’t think so.
I understand that it will mainly be used on tripods and steadicam-like contraptions, yet “simple” in lens OIS would be a benefit for hand held shots at this high resolution.

There is also the Panasonic 35-100 with OIS

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On article Blackmagic Design announces Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (394 comments in total)

got eBay open right now. What speedbooster will work with this?

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On article Blackmagic Design announces Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (394 comments in total)
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M Lammerse: As named 'pocked (cinema) camera' it would be great to know which form of video stabilization it uses (if any.)

When you record in 4K, you can do shaky hand held, then create a perfectly "stabilized" zoom area in Resolve very easily.

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photophile: Wasn't it possible to make the order long before the wedding shoot ? Why does the album cover have to feature one of the photos from the shoot ? i think an embossed title, date and names of the persons getting married would be classier. The photographer could also have had a clause in there that in the event a request for the album photo is not received with the specified time period, a selection would be made automatically.

In the 9 to 5 world, a new job contract can be several pages of clauses and sub-clauses. Even then a competent human resources person only takes about 20 minutes or so to go through it with you - to avoid any misunderstandings/complications afterwards. The point is - all this is done BEFORE signing the contract.

While I'm not excusing the behaviour of the customers in this case, I can't help thinking this mess could have been easily avoided if both parties had been absolutely clear and transparent about the nature of the agreement long before the shoot.

It's hard from the description above to get a good sense of the situation. I agree that the photographer's demand sound bizarre, but the customers also probably spread outlandish lies.

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Photoman: What about the security loop hole where you can hold a photo of the phone's owner and it unlocks it?

Winking? Clearly this calls for the old Mark V 'Flipbook'..

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On article Sony SLT a99 II Review (1505 comments in total)
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hikerdoc: I am sure the a99 II is an excellent camera, and Sony users should be excited. I am a Nikon user, heavily invested (yes I know camera gear is not an investment), and very happy with my gear with capabilities that far exceed my abilities. The question for Sony will be how much of that greater than 90% of the market for DSLT/SLT that prefers Canon, Nikon, and Pentax would switch to Sony. Sony users may think that switch is a no brainer, but I suspect the vast majority of us in the camp of targets for conversion are just not interested.

I don't see this as a "SWITCH SYSTEMS" camera, but as a gift to those with large A-mount collections gathering dust.

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