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  • Commented on article Sony Xperia XZ camera review

    "DxOMark is the greatest joke in the world of photography."

    And that's exactly why you come to DPReview, which has a partnership with DxOMark - to get a daily portion of jokes.

    PS. I specifically...

  • Commented on article Sony Xperia XZ camera review

    "Every single phone from Sony is follow-up disaster of low performing sensors"

    Yea, right. That's why Z5 and then X Performance were on top of DxOMark mobile chart:...

  • Yes, natural JPEG setting is much better for judging exposure using blinkies. Also I suggest to set minimal contrast, sharpness and saturation in camera. Then you should have JPEG-RAW variation ...
  • "with the advantages of a dSLR's off-sensor PDAF"

    Is it really an advantage for Sony, compared to, let's say, A6300, from the same Sony, which also has decent PDAF on-sensor?
    Only higher end DSLRs...

  • "What does it say about me?" It says that you prefer Sony SLT over dozens of other mirrorless cameras, including Sony E-mount. All mirrorless cameras have features you described as advantages of...

  • Commented on article Hands-on with Hasselblad X1D

    The values I converted also define total amount of light reaching sensor. 45/3.5 = 35/2.8. Aperture alone defines only amount of light per square mm.

    Compact cameras such as full frame Sony...

  • Commented on article Hands-on with Hasselblad X1D

    45mm F3.5 lens on this camera is equivalent to 35mm F2.8 lens on 35mm format. It's as simple as that. 35mm F2.8 on FF is kinda slow for a prime.

  • Of course short flange distance helps mirrorless to design smaller UWA lenses. DSLR flange distance is ~45mm. Any lens shorter than 24mm will require retrofocal design and therefore will be...

  • It's not me. Samsung NX500 from 2015 has worse DR than Pentax K5 from year 2010:

  • Samsung never had best APS-C sensor. People say that because DxO declared it the best APS-C mirrorless sensor and people forget the "mirrorless" part.

    It is so because Sony crippled their Axxx...

  • That doesn't assume anything, just some thoughtless statement and math fail.
    "30 sec on 16GB" means 800MB/sec write speed when fastest rating is 90MB/sec.
    There are 512GB cards, good for more than...

  • What is confusing here? Card speed is rated for specific bus and camera has to support this bus for full speed. Camera makers state what bus is supported.

    Same thing with Compact Flash. In...

  • And it's hard to write anything else when D5 uses the same AF system as D5. Just nothing to add here.
    We should be glad that it's not wrong.

  • Neither flash nor ND filter blur background. Wide aperture does. You can shoot with F1.8 aperture without ND filter if your camera has 1/8000s shutter speed. Fill flash can be used to brighten ...
  • Underexpose by ~3 stops, then boost brightness, sharpness and clarity in PP. Then such noise will appear.
  • The second picture is horribly underexposed. Even the first picture is underexposed, but much less than the second one. 1/4000s, F4.0, ISO 200 (really about 100 with E-M1) doesn't give enough light ...
  • Commented on article Sony Xperia Z5 camera review

    I wanted to point out that train shots are at ISO 200-500, and for best details it's better to look at something like last shot, where bottom part of the monument is well lit and in focus, but then...

  • IM can stand for Inverted Microscope - a thing that Olympus makes. Maybe they added built-in camera to that. http://www.olympus-lifescience.com/en/microscopes/inverted/
  • Commented on article Sony Xperia Z5 camera review

    The image quality is excellent at base ISO 40 when subject is in focus and shutter speed is fast enough. Don't look at first photo at ISO800 - no smartphone would do significantly better.


  • Thanks, Bill. Could you tell, why does GX8 have DR at ISO16000 higher than at ISO12800? Some other cameras like Leica SL have DR at ISO400 higher than at ISO200? Also, why do some cameras like Fuji ...
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