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On photo Venoms of 32 Squadron in the Aircraft formation challenge (2 comments in total)
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Dutch Newchurch: Really interesting historic shot. I guessed it must be an original - I doubt that there are six aircraft of this type still flying, and if there are, they'd be unlikely to be found in the air in the Middle East.

It perhaps also shows how the quality of film 60 years ago is not quite what we've come to expect from good modern digital technology.

This shot is a cropped version of the original negative hence the poor quality. Incidentally my first posting to the Middle east Air Force in 1953 was to RAF Deversoir in the Suez Canal Zone where there were three squadrons of DH Vampires - 48 fighters on one small airfield. Quite a sight.

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A friend of mine who is a wedding photographer showed me a shot he had taken recently of a bridegroom and best man standing next to a Ferrari outside a cathedral. The car had been hired for just half an hour and the wedding took place at a little church a few miles away.

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On photo D H Venom in the Fighter aircraft challenge (2 comments in total)
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Dutch Newchurch: Great to see this. I had to look at the notes. I thought it probably was an historic photo, but wondered if it might have been a more recent shot - perhaps at Duxford - with sophisticated post-processing to get that look!

I actually took this photo at RAF Kabrit in the Suez Canal Zone in 1955 with a Baldix camera. I wish I had a digital camera in those days. Film was difficult to buy and I relied on the squadron camera technician to develop my films in a big tank - by guesswork !!! I have a few more shots if you are interested but the quality is not good as I did not have an exposure meter at the time.

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On challenge Best Aviation Photo ever... Period. (2 comments in total)

Are helicopters allowed ?

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On challenge Widget (2 comments in total)

In England we would call a widget a "thingamabob". My kitchen has half a dozen such items bought on a whim and now gathering dust,

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On photo Gloster Meteor T7 in the A Silver object challenge (5 comments in total)

I flew in the back seat of one of these in 1955 as an observer looking for an Avro Anson missing over the Persian Gulf. An unforgettable but sad experience.

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On photo Force 8 waves in the Seascape challenge (4 comments in total)
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webrunner5: You would NOT want to be out on the end of that pier LoL!

You can say that again. Some years ago I went out in a yacht in that sort of weather along with other boats and a helicopter looking for an angler who had been swept off the pier in that sort of weather. He was never found.

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On challenge Boat (10 comments in total)
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Buzz Lightyear: I dunno, John. An aircraft carrier could be construed as a really BIG boat!

The "boat" I have good shots of is H.M.S. Ocean which carries those abominations called helicopters so I would probably be hauled aboard one and dropped from a great height.

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On challenge Boat (10 comments in total)

So an aircraft carrier does not qualify ? Damn !!!

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On challenge Boat (10 comments in total)

is a ship a boat?

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On photo Lighthouse_Seaburn_UK_A650 in the June Sky challenge (2 comments in total)
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Smitty1: Was this image manipulated in post? It seems there is a checkered outline (photoshop transparency layer) around the edges of the lighthouse as if it or the sky was pasted from another image... plus the lighting seems a little weird on the lighthouse comparatively and strange, purple compressionish artifacts on the horizon. All visible at full size. Can you please explain this one?

What you spotted is an example of my poor Photoshop skills. In the original image I thought the lighthouse was rather dull and I tried to brighten it up a bit. Obviously I made a bad job of it. The same goes for the horizon, I can assure you that no other image was imported. I can send you the original four images if you think you could improve on my efforts. No sarcasm intended - any helpful suggestions would be gratefully received.

John Spurs

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On challenge End to End Horizon (5 comments in total)

If I have read the rules correctly then they seem to imply that only seascapes are eligible. Am I correct or am I missing something?

John Spurs

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On Challenge:8503 (10 comments in total)

Thanks for the explanation Buzz. I'm afraid I just can't keep up with new additions to my dictionary. I started my English lessons nearly 80 years ago and one word I learned was "Twilight". I think I'll stick with that. It sounds better anyway.

John Spurs

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On Challenge:8503 (10 comments in total)

Pardon my ignorance but what on earth is a Bluehour?

John Spurs

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On photo Roker_Sunderland_UK in the Rough Sea challenge (7 comments in total)

Thanks for the comments.
I just happened to be in the right place at the right time although it took a lot of shots to get just a few decent images on a cold and very windy December day. We get these sort of waves when strong winds have been blowing from the North or North East for a day or two. We had a really bad storm about a month ago which did a lot of damage but the very high tides all occurred in darkness so I got no shots.

John Spurs

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On Challenge:6996 (12 comments in total)

The limit is shown as 100 entries and the number of entries as 99. I have just tried to enter a photograph of a genuine rowing boat and it has been refused. Why?

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On photo The North wind blows in the Forces of Nature challenge (8 comments in total)

This must be the only subject that has come first in two separate challenges. My shot of the same lighthouse at Sunderland came first in the "Stormy Weather" challenge. a great shot!

John Spurs

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