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Derby Chang: What has happened to the live histogram in the viewfinder in 1.20? With OVF power save mode off, and Histogram selected in the custom display mode...no histogram. Doesn't appear in either OVF or EVF. Have I missed a setting? At least they got rid of the empty frame

I still see the histograms Derby. Did you press DISP/BACK to make sure the CUSTOM view is showing? This setting seems to be stored independently for OVF, EVF and LCD.

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It seems to me that AF is not only much faster but can focus closer than it ever could for me before. When *not* in macro mode it is easily focusing closer than 2 feet now. And once it has auto focused less than 2 feet it seems to be able to focus as close a 1 foot in almost an "auto macro" mode? Anyone else noticed this? But once you get a red box you have back out to around 2 feet or more again and start over.

One of the most glaring errors (in my opinion) is still not corrected. The depth-of-field scale seems to be calculated based on a 35mm lens, not what you actual get with the 23mm lens. CF does not change the DOF and it is much larger than what the scale on the camera is showing.

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