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Many gods has man created;
But only One created man!
To have great value, life and knowledge must last, therefore we should first seek eternal truth and life, available to us through the abounding love and grace of our Savior.
I find inspiration from the following authors and works, which have my highest recommendation. Please do not miss reading at least a few of these!
The Word: Holy Bible. H. A. Baker, Rolland and Heidi Baker: various. Pastor Surprise Sithole: Voice in the Night. Mel Tari: Like a Mighty Wind. Dr. James Maloney: various. Guillermo Maldonado: various. Anna Rountree: Heaven Awaits the Bride. Dale and Paula Black: various. Rev. Elwood Scott: 40 days in Heaven, the story of Seneca Sodi. Praying Medic: Made Simple Series. Blake Healy: The Veil. Howard Storm: various.

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  • Those are good questions, and the answer lies not just in the magnitude and sense (under or over) of SA correction, but in how SA depends on radial position of the light rays, i.e., distance from ...
  • Yes, I meant FX SLRs.  For the time being at least, all FX (meaning Nikon full frame) cameras are SLRs.
  • Yes, this is considered an important advantage for mirrorless. I'm in the same boat as you - I've never tested any Sony camera gear.
  • Replied in Retrofocus zooms
    Micro 4/3 wide-angle lenses are much easier to design than SLR lenses, since their lack of a mirror box allows the lens mount to be much closer to the sensor, even relative to the format size. Shor ...
  • Bokeh quality is a somewhat esoteric topic.  Usually, when one is advanced enough to notice bokeh subtleties as a photographer, there has already been some practical knowledge acquired, such as ...
  • If you focus the Hubble telescope (focal length 57600mm) on the moon, then point it at a star, the COC diameter is 0.37 microns - far below the threshold of detection of any photographic image sensor.
  • I've always felt that useful FX resolution would top out in the 100-150Mpix range.  That's a photosite pitch of just under 3 microns.  There are certainly lenses today which can take good ...
  • You'll find quite a bit of discussion here although the emphasis isn't on older lenses. One respected optic that I haven't tested yet, is the AF 85/1.4D. Note that what makes a lens good for ...
  • I certainly hope the prediction is right.  This is exactly what I've been waiting for. That's strictly for novices and amateurs.  Anyone who does much astrophotography will have a tracking mount; ...
  • I've used D3 and D3s cameras for astro, but they do have one significant issue:  The hot-pixel suppression algorithm that Nikon implemented to reduce impulse noise in long-exposure images will ...
  • Wide open at f/5.6, the newest 70-200E with the TC-20E III is actually better than the 80-400, at 400mm.  That may not be true for the 70-200 VR II, however. If you can stop down a little, though, ...
  • Replied in The Nikkor 85G's
    Pertinent to your particular case, as an owner of the 85/1.8G: The ...
  • Sounds like you have an image processing issue.  Changing your lenses will not help pixelation. I've made 18x24 wedding prints from D2x and D3 which do not have the problems you describe. We could ...
  • Replied in Promising?
    I can see you're going to be a delight to have on the forums.
  • I'm curious to know what you think the purpose of VR is. Do you own a lens with VR?  If so, have you used VR, and why?
  • What shutter speeds and focal lengths do you use?  What you say would make sense for macro work, but there are many other situations. Does it make sense that taking night cityscapes, for example, ...
  • I must say the D5 looks quite amazing from this data. Perhaps Nikon should introduce a D5x.
  • Rather the reverse situation for me - I'm very satisfied with the capabilities of my D5's and haven't even decided whether or not I should be interested in the D850.  Of course a D850A ...
  • Replied in Discriminants
    From the many examples I've seen you post, only a small fraction afford good depth impression in my view. Yet, you must believe that all of them are good examples of depth, otherwise you wouldn't ...
  • Replied in It's personal
    The problem is that we all see differently, and cues which work for someone else may be ineffective for you. One cue which seems to work for everyone, is shadows associated with the foreground ...
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