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Many gods has man created;
But only One created man!
To have great value, life and knowledge must last, therefore we should first seek eternal truth and life, available to us through the abounding love and grace of our Savior.
I find inspiration from the following authors and works, which have my highest recommendation. Please do not miss reading at least a few of these!
The Word: Holy Bible. H. A. Baker, Rolland and Heidi Baker: various. Pastor Surprise Sithole: Voice in the Night. Mel Tari: Like a Mighty Wind. Dr. James Maloney: various. Guillermo Maldonado: various. Anna Rountree: Heaven Awaits the Bride. Dale and Paula Black: various. Rev. Elwood Scott: 40 days in Heaven, the story of Seneca Sodi. Praying Medic: Divine Healing made Simple. Blake Healy: The Veil.


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On photo The Dozer in the Heavy metal (construction equipment) challenge (3 comments in total)

I like the setting and the mood conveyed.

Just one small nit-pick on the title: The machine is a loader, not a dozer.

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How about . . .

28:1 with a single (Nikkor) lens and no TC?

(Direct imaging of diffraction rings.)

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On article Homemade rig captures extreme macro shots of snowflakes (186 comments in total)
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Lea5: It's the little things where you can see god's art at best.


Mythology doesn't produce spontaneous supernatural healings and resurrections.

How little you are aware of!

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moving_comfort: Reproduction ratio of .273 - much better magnification than my Sigma 50-150 2.8. A tad heavier and longer than the 50-150, but much smaller than the 70-200. Looks like I may not be using my 50-150 in DX mode on the D800 much longer :)

That magnification value, at closest-focus of 1m, implies a closeup focal length of about 170mm. This is significantly less focal-length shortening than exhibited by the 70-200 f/2.8 VR II.

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Octane: Firmware can not change the physical design of the AF system. Most cameras did AF ok in some situations at one f-stop beyond the official limit, nothing new. It's not a matter of software/firmware, it's a matter of physical design. The AF sensors are designed to only see the light from a certain aperture. IOW, an AF sensor that is designed to see at f/2.8 will not see more with a 1.4 lens, nor does it get more light. Of course it will work with a faster lens, but when it comes to slower lenses it's more a matter of generous tolerances.
This firmware update can only allow for some more tolerance, it can't change the design. The AF system was not designed to work at f/8, like for example Nikon did for the D4. Of course that didn't sit well with Canon so they are pushing it now to match it. Real life will show how well it actually works.

Since previous models from Canon have had some f/8 capability in the center AF point, the physical design of the 1DX AF system may very well have already provided for it.
The detail of how the handoff from f/8 arrays to f/5.6 or wider-angle arrays is done during focus acquisition or tracking, would be a matter of firmware. Perhaps the initial firmware release was simply short of the development required for this to happen without issues.

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A few questions:

Will it be possible to add product tags to our past posts?

Will thread/post voting be available on posts created prior to the forum update?

Search filters I'd love to have: Restrict search to a specific username, and date-range filter. It often happens that an older post I've made will answer a current question, and I'd like an easier way to find them.

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