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FunkyGeneral: Hey there,

I was planning to buy a sony a77 ii but later found out that the sony a6300 was really good. Considering the accessories and lenses for the above mentioned cameras, could any1 suggest me which camera to buy

Different camera's, different purposes.

If you want to use long focal lengths (birding f.i.) and for fast AF-tracking (sports f.i.), A mount is the best choice.
Light weight, travel, etc E-mount could be your choice.
It all depends on what your needs are.......

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On photo Little green van in the Where People Eat challenge (6 comments in total)

Very nice picture. Reminds me of the snack bar on wheels we had in the Netherlands in the 60's :-) Apart from that, this type of Citroën van and his Renault counterpart were/are incredible versatile van's. Beautiful simplicity......

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On article Sony SLT-A77 II Review (551 comments in total)
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Stathis Panagiotopoulos: The image quality is better than Sony A77 mark i?

Yes. Better sensor, better chip set (BIONZX) and better AF module.
Whether or not it's worth to upgrade, only you can decide.

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papillon_65: The quasimodo of cameras, it makes the Pentax K-01 look like a thing of beauty.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;-)

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David Burghard: I love my Sony DSC-RX10, but it has developed a problem and I was wondering if anybody else is having this issue? The camera is kept in perfect condition, but now the zoom lever sticks while zooming out and when you let go of it, it continues to zoom out unless I tap it a little and it snaps back to center where it should be. The zoom lever is variable speed, meaning that if you move it a little, it zooms slower. If I do it slowly, at some point I can make it stick. I've sent it in for repair TWICE under warranty. The first time it came back worse and the second time it is a little better, but still can stick. I don't know what to do about it and am tired of sending it back to the same shop. Has anybody seen this problem?

Try a small droplet of WD40 or Deoxit underneath the lever. Ideal for easing camera levers and switches.

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pls ignore

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Alizarine: I guess this means all of Kodak's film products are going away soon...

Pro Image, Ektar, Portra... to follow Kodachrome... this is sad. I wish Apple or Google can keep them somehow in production.

Kodak announced a few years ago that they would end film production.
Wheather bankrupt or not, filmproduction would have been ended by now.
Maybe Fuji will be the last one to produce film?
Google and Apple are just interested in technology patents, not to keep on producing film. However sad this me be, it's the reality of today.

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