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On article Sigma 85mm F1.4 Art DxO results: a new king is crowned (249 comments in total)
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princecody: Is Sigma closing the gap in you guys opinion close to Leica & Zeiss for superior optics?

it will depend on the repetitibility of the results. Variations would be hard to avoid on such an awesome lens

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I would like to see real world results. Because this high precision tools are almost like industrial equipment. You can appreciate cost benefits only by comparing them in real world. Still from a technical point of view the review is as complete as a lab tests can be.

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andrew turner: I have two main issues here:

1) I don't really care about color. That's pretty subjective though.

2) I'd like square or rectangular images with regular borders. I get the polaroid throwback, but don't need the heavy bottom edge.

Third bonus issue:
I can print pictures on my home printer. That's pretty instant, too, maybe moreso than instant film. And I have complete control over the size. And choice of stock. And reliable film.... ah, I mean paper and ink.


This is cool, but for me, that's about it.

the heavy bottom has 3 chemicals, two for the development and a opacifier (the thing that shields the picture from light while the development is happening. Also try to enjoy the fact that your picture is a mixture of chemicals that transformed right before your eyes. That always gets me!

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On article Samsung launches Galaxy S4 superphone (108 comments in total)
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jl_smith: So all of this camera "innovation" -- are manual controls of the camera one of them? I use iphone 5 and havent used android since my Droid X, so unsire if they let you actually control SS and aperture, ISO now...

aperture is fixed on most camera modules! some modules have a nd filter but nothing more, and with iso and ev control (wich is the norm at least in my samsungs) you can pretty much control the scene.

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Pavel Sokolov: Who need an unscratchable lens when you should buy new iphone every year? ;)

The new iPhone is more of a fashion statement than a real jump from the 4s. It should have been named the 4sS ..

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PeterFXCassidy: DPRers,

Who cares about kit. Any images of this quality is an OMG! moment.


well said

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hc44: I'm gonna go against the grain here and say it's a compromise which didn't have to be made. You shouldn't have to re-invent the whole camera because of a sensor change. A sensor can be though of in abstract terms as a plug-able component with a fixed I/O interface. Resolution can be a variable which the rest of the camera can be made to work with as a variable. A hi-res raw image can be down scaled, sometimes you send the hi sometimes the low, you have the option. The engineers shot themselves in the foot when they began the project allowing for a fixed res sensor only, and did so knowing technology advances. In the 60s the Apollo project got a man on the moon in under a decade, imagine how fast pasted their project was, but now they can't change a camera sensor in the space of 8 years.

and also the camera is a tiny part of the whole mars rover mission!!. They put it down on a freaking sky crane!!!! do you know the complexity of that!!!! not bouilding it but controlling that. You have a multi link system with non rigid unions. A non-linear control nightmare!!!!!!! The launch rocket, the main engine burst to break earth gravity, getting to a stable mars orbit, descending without burning up, decelerating without crashing the whole ship like one of the previous mars missions, deploying the awesome sky crane, touching down .... etc etc etc!!!!!!!! Every piece has to work, all the lab sensors, anntenas, power generation etc etc etc ... they can't leave stuff to be solved in the future just in case the technology advances .... you have a problem, you need a solution that will work 999 out of 1000 times! Period!. I just wished more money would go in space exploration instead on military budget.

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I did not though of the fact that it was designed in 2004!!! ... that makes me fell even more confident that nasa got it right!. Slow bandwith combined with hazardous environment results in the 2MP being the right choice.

Snap on little rover, snap on!

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On article Just Posted: Nokia 808 PureView Review (208 comments in total)

the aquiles heel of nokia and their stronger side is hardware. Design is beautiful!, software is adequate but processing units and ram are impossible to cope with .. and yet theyi give you something like this!

Nokia put the equinox cuad core or the tegra 2 ! and make a flag ship again!

This is a great compact camera but a horrible phone!.

I rather have something like a micro 4/3 or maybe the canon s95 and a great phone!.

Because a phone is a tool and it needs to work good always!.

But I recon ... great camera!!!!

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Shantanucnl: Many of the comments in this discussion simply demonstrate a not-so-surprising fact that very few people who are interested in Photography have very little (practically none at all) knowledge or idea about industrial manufacturing processes and techniques. Use of specialty tapes for manufacturing phones, cameras, tablets, laptops is a well-established technology. tapes play a very important role in industrial manufacturing. Using a tape is not a "cheap fix".

For reference - do a google search on "Speciality Tapes".

an example: http://www.specialtytapes.net/electronics-tapes-light-management-c-102_36_39-l-en.html

The engineer solution. Does it have to move? yes/no
if yes, use wd40, if no use duct tape.



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On photo Libertad in the Zoo - but not just animals challenge (1 comment in total)

Tenia que ser Lucia!!! jajaja que ojo!

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