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I purchased Affinity when it was $50 and I use it on my iPad, but would gladly switch to PS. I may be the exception, but I'd even pay upwards of $50 for it. I understand many people wanting something for nothing, so I don't expect it to be "free" with the subscription. However, if it's more than $1 a month (in addition to the $10/month I pay now), I'd probably pass. Hard to justify $25 a year when Affinity does so much.

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brn: Steve Jobs: “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas"

The full quote,

"Ultimately it comes down to taste. It comes down to trying to expose yourself to the best things that humans have done and then try to bring those things in to what you're doing.

I mean Picasso had a saying he said good artists copy great artists steal. And we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas ehm and I think part of what made the Macintosh great was that the people working on it were musicians and poets and artists and zoologists and historians who also happened to be the best computer scientists in the world."

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noisephotographer: A huge disadvantage of the iPhone X:
There is no OIS when you want to capture dng files!

I've got a call into Apple Support/Engineering and I'm not so sure that Adobe has it right. But I'm not 100% sure that they don't have it right. I'll get an answer in the next 24~48 hours. I'll post back what I'm told. I also have several additional questions with regard to OIS, hence the delay in getting an answer.

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Sirandar: How good is image stabilization in a phone? ...... seems nobody compares the effectiveness in stops ..... why not

When shooting in Dog/raw OIS is always on, but has minimal effect above 1/30 second shutter speed. Electronic Image Stabilization involves cropping the files and possibly other manipulation of the data and is therefore turned off for DNG/Raw capture.

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noisephotographer: A huge disadvantage of the iPhone X:
There is no OIS when you want to capture dng files!

The optical image stabilization is "always on" for video and stills. The electronic stabilization involves cropping the image and may be turned off in third party video apps.

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Scottelly: "1TB for $350" . . . really?!? That $350 price is insane. I just bought a 4 TB portable drive for $109.

Big difference between SSD and HDD.

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zsedcft: Seems like an odd solution at $800 for the only size that is really useful. You can get a 512GB SD card for $200. Unless you are taking 4K high bitrate video it will take a week to fill that thing up. Pro drones use an SSD already and pro cameras have 2 card slots for redundancy.

I'm sure I would use it if someone gave it to me but it costs as much as a second-hand surface pro 3 or a macbook. Being a photographer, I already have a bunch of portable 2TB mechanical drives that I could plug into the surface and backup. I would also get a Surface pro out of that purchase which I could use to edit the photos and use to tether + all of the wifi stuff this thing has. IF I filed up my SD cards and had to remove them and back them up I would have to drop the mechanical drive while it was spinning AND lose both cards to lose the pictures. It seems like an unlikely scenario.

The only thing left is weight. This thing has a 6700mah battery in it so it's not exactly going to be small.

For many photographers a 512GB SD card is not a viable solution. I work on assignment for various organizations and I dont put all my eggs in one basket. I only use Lexar and Sandisk cards and over the years I’ve had multiple card failures. I would never use a 512GB card for risk of losing a weeks worth of work.

I frequently use smaller cards (nothing larger than 64GB) and backup to three devices I carry with me, a 512GB iPad Pro, a 3TB Western Digital My Paasport Wireless Pro and the 512GB WD My Passport Wireless SSD. They travel with me separately and I have redundancy that fits my needs.

Traveling with 5 or 6 512GB SD cards would be costly. I might also lose one or more. The smaller they are, the harder they are to manage and I would still want a backup in case of a corrupt, damaged or lost card.

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binfch: Nice! Can I connect 2 notebooks at once (1x via USB port and 1x via WIFI) and access/share the data on the device?

No, you cannot have a wired and wireless connection at the same time. You can have two wireless connections at the same time. When you connect via a wire the wireless is automatically disabled.

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tvstaff: Way over priced

Not for what it does. It can stream upto 8 streams of video. It can stream 4K video. It connects via WiFi to several online storage options including Adobe Creative Cloud syncing.

It may not be for every photographer, but solves numerous challenges for some photographers and videographers,

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neon nl: Uuhm what’s the point of the My passport wireless ssd if the price per GB is nearly double that of fast SD cards?
Yes, you will have an SSD to work from but that kind of defeats the whole “in the field” purpose. Just get a (far far smaller) SSD and/or SD card. I’m getting kind of a similar vibe to Image tanks of 10 years ago that were populair as on the go storage devices since Compact Flash cards were so expensive back in the day. Only in the same period, the compact flash cards became significantly cheaper and larger. Which kind of defeated the purpose of the storage device to many potential buyers.

SD cards are impractical for multiple video files. Clips can be spread over multiple cards and swapping cards can be frustrating and a big waste of time.

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silentstorm: Does the wireless SSD has a way to verify the SD card data after copy?

You use your iPad, iPhone or Android phone to view the supported photo and video formats.

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Sarge_: I have a very hard time trusting this kind of tech where I cannot see a screen verification showing the contents of the drive (to be sure all files were in fact backed up).

You use your iPad, iPhone or Android phone to view the supported photo and video formats.

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Jon L: It’s quite obvious to me how to fix this. Stop wasting our time bringing out expensive, low gig, no screen storage. I for one will not use anything that I cannot Confirm that my photos have been downloaded and work. At present, screens must be incredibly cheap, a simple black-and-white confirmation screen to at least know your images are on the drive.
The better idea is to stick some kind of device like Apple has (Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader) that connects to your phone and you put in the film card and look at your photos to make that confirmation. If SanDisk could add some kind of wired hook up to your phone, so that you can check your images and make that confirmation. Most people have a phone, so that would be one way to get around a built-in screen. All they would need is a couple of connectors on the outside the SSD drive.

The drive and Linux OS supports many/most Raw formats, as well as JPEG and TIFF. The compatibility list is on the WD site. Their app for iOS and Android can view all the supported formats.

The app, My Cloud, connects via WiFi to the drive and allows transfer to various cloud based options (think DropBox) and also Adobe Creative Cloud. This allows me to transfer images to my 512MB iPad Pro, edit with Mobile Lightroom and sync photos via Adobe Creative Cloud back to my desktop.

I also shoot iPhone 4K video with my iPhone 7 and X and the integration with FiLMiC Pro backing up 4K footage wirelessly frees up a lot of storage space on my iPhones.

I’ve been a beta test of the 500GB product since Oct and it has proven to be very reliable. I do not work for Western Digital or any subsidiary. I’m just a very happy beta tester with this product and how it has solved several issues that have challenged me with my iPhones and iPad Pro.

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net1994: A phone case ad/'info' on a photography site? Why. You are better than this DP.

What’s wrong with the announcement of gear for a camera? This is a gear site and the iPhone X is a pretty good camera, but with limits, like all cameras. If Pulitzer Prize winning photographers are using iPhones, why shouldn’t I?

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joelakeland: I’m a monthly subscriber to the Adobe products, however, am always looking for additional options. I’m about to buy this after your take on it was shared here. Thanks.

I now using the 12.9 iPad Pro, 2nd generation with the Apple Pencil.

You won’t be disappointed. I’m using the same iPad and have been using Affinity Photo since July. It works great and integrates nicely with Mobile Lightroom, my primary editor/organizer.

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Binary Emotions: Ok, so the most apps for iOS, which has 14% MKT share. Useful...

Apple has about 40% market share in the US at the last quarter figures are available (2nd Q 2017). It either is lightly ahead or slightly behind Samsung. Many Android phones have issue running some of these apps because of minimum hardware issues.

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noisephotographer: Nobody pays a monthly fee only to have a HDR mode.... Not everyone is a professional photographer.

The App is free to download. It won't sync without the monthly subscription, but the camera part of the App and processing part work without a subscription.

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Karl Gnter Wnsch: Sorry, but endorsing the Manfrotto metal garbage is making me think about how the Amazon purchase of this site has influenced the contents.
I had this tripod and it's stability wasn't something to write home about, the ability to dampen vibrations from say the mirror slap is virtually non existent. The main culprit (next to the too thin dimensioned legs) is the center column mount - to make this tripod usable this has to be removed completely (which is sort of an emergency measure supported by readily available parts). Even then it's too heavy for the performance it offers...

Simon, if there is no link between amazon and DPR, then why when I click on the buy Now "link" I go to Amazon. It seems that there is not only a physical link, but a business link as well.

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