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On article Moment releases new case and lenses for Apple iPhone X (57 comments in total)
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net1994: A phone case ad/'info' on a photography site? Why. You are better than this DP.

What’s wrong with the announcement of gear for a camera? This is a gear site and the iPhone X is a pretty good camera, but with limits, like all cameras. If Pulitzer Prize winning photographers are using iPhones, why shouldn’t I?

Link | Posted on Nov 20, 2017 at 18:23 UTC
On article Affinity Photo for iPad Review (94 comments in total)
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joelakeland: I’m a monthly subscriber to the Adobe products, however, am always looking for additional options. I’m about to buy this after your take on it was shared here. Thanks.

I now using the 12.9 iPad Pro, 2nd generation with the Apple Pencil.

You won’t be disappointed. I’m using the same iPad and have been using Affinity Photo since July. It works great and integrates nicely with Mobile Lightroom, my primary editor/organizer.

Link | Posted on Nov 13, 2017 at 16:13 UTC
On article Five useful photo apps for travelers (68 comments in total)
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Binary Emotions: Ok, so the most apps for iOS, which has 14% MKT share. Useful...

Apple has about 40% market share in the US at the last quarter figures are available (2nd Q 2017). It either is lightly ahead or slightly behind Samsung. Many Android phones have issue running some of these apps because of minimum hardware issues.

Link | Posted on Aug 11, 2017 at 16:56 UTC
On article Lightroom Mobile update brings Raw HDR capture mode (59 comments in total)
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noisephotographer: Nobody pays a monthly fee only to have a HDR mode.... Not everyone is a professional photographer.

The App is free to download. It won't sync without the monthly subscription, but the camera part of the App and processing part work without a subscription.

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On article 10 Photography Accessories for Under $250 (62 comments in total)
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Karl Gnter Wnsch: Sorry, but endorsing the Manfrotto metal garbage is making me think about how the Amazon purchase of this site has influenced the contents.
I had this tripod and it's stability wasn't something to write home about, the ability to dampen vibrations from say the mirror slap is virtually non existent. The main culprit (next to the too thin dimensioned legs) is the center column mount - to make this tripod usable this has to be removed completely (which is sort of an emergency measure supported by readily available parts). Even then it's too heavy for the performance it offers...

Simon, if there is no link between amazon and DPR, then why when I click on the buy Now "link" I go to Amazon. It seems that there is not only a physical link, but a business link as well.

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