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  • As a clear downgrade of the great GX8 and with still no upgrade solution it is just and only an insult to GX8 users and deserves nothing like "more recognition", seriously!!! I've left Panasonic...

  • A downgrade of the great GX8 as "Gear of the year"... ha ha ha ha ha, coz a smaller EVF makes it much better doesn't it?!? Another case of adding insults to injuries! Some reviewers either feel no...

  • Hi
    As anticipated, they are loosing their best ambassadors:

  • Hi,
    As anticipated, they are loosing their best ambassadors:

  • Hi,
    I did say earlier, they are loosing their best ambassadors:

  • Hi Mosc
    To your point, that GX"9" is called GX7mkIII in Japan, just like the GX80/85 was called GX7mkII there, which says it all.
    What you are describing is what all GX8 users expected. But...

  • Why?

    When it comes to that GX"9" announcement, they are sending a message to GX8 users wanting/needing to upgrade:
    The only option is now their bulky G9 with no tilting EVF and a central...

  • Hi everybody,
    No real need to dwell into Japanese naming of that GX"9" to see it is not a GX8 upgrade: smaller EVF and removal of weather sealing suffice!
    But for those who would not have noticed,...

  • @DualSystemGuy,
    Yes, you did read that right! Appalling , pa(na)thetic :(

  • @duartix
    No, you are right, that's what that GX"9" is, sadly :(.
    I can't see any GX8 user going for this downgrade!

  • Hi GodSpeaks,

    Yes, already mentionned this in other comments I have posted ;-).

    Also have a GX7 and when they released the GX80/85, I heard it was called GX7 mk II in Japan. And when pictures of...

  • @Barney Britton
    Hi Barney,

    If you don't see obsolescence there, you must be a happy Windows XP or Mac OS8 user and I envy you for not falling for the update/upgrade trap.

    Nowadays, a camera,...

  • @gustabod
    Hello. Yes, I agree this is exactly what is happening. They are trying to push GX8 owners toward a G9 that is not at all the same type of body and will lack a tilting EVF for many street...

  • +1

  • Hi woof woof,
    Then as a owner of a GX7 and GX8. I can assure you that GX"9" won't make it in terms of EVF, because it might have more pixels than the GX7 one, it is still the same size.
    I saw a...

  • @Richard Butler
    Hi Richard. So you consider omitting the GX80/85 and not including at least one Oly body in the comparison chart to be useful information, right?
    This GX"9" camera is a scam for...

  • @warp101
    I'm happy the point that it will soon reach its acuation critical limit :(. So I'm left with no altenative than quitting in anger or buying a new one, which would be a very...

  • All GX8 users need to know is that this is a HUGE LET DOWN BY PANASONIC

    This GX9 is a lie. And with the GX8 also disappears what pana let us to believe the GXx range stood for: their most...

  • ...
    This, the ability, to see the histogram within the EVF (if needed) as well as, from an artistic stand point, the ability to compose your photo with an intended aspect ratio that you can...

  • ... (still @AgntMichaelScarn)
    I strongly believe the GX8 users and lovers are the best ambassadors of their system and mainly the "eye in the EVF + thumb on the touch screen" way of defining the...

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