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Semi-pro photographer. Shoot weddings, family portraits, produce prints for other photographers. 5 Nikon SLR bodies, 12 lenses, 3 flashes, and way too many camera bags.

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  • Created discussion thread 200-500 goes to the zoo
    I added a Nikon 200-500 to my lens set a few months back.  Yesterday I finally got a chance to take it to the zoo for a real test.  Lucky for me, the sky was overcast.  Although that drove the ISO ...
  • Your images are absolutely lovely.  And they show how versatile the 35mm can be, in your very capable hands. I have just one question.  At the top of your post you mentioned the 35mm f/1.8 DX lens. ...
  • Although they are both full-frame, that is about where the similarity ends.  They are very different cameras.  The D610 has an interface quite similar to your D7000.  So you might like that.  The ...
  • I shoot FX portraits with both the 85mm f/1.8 and the 70-200 f/2.8.  I feel the 85mm does a great job with head and shoulder portraits.  If I am doing all-day headshots (which I do several times a ...
  • Assuming you already have a kit lens or something suitable for shorter focal lengths? The lens you mentioned is quite fine. I own one and use it on both my DX and FX bodies. It will be pretty bulky ...
  • Replied in clarification
    You are correct.  I somehow stated in backwards in my post.  Both the D810 and D7100 have pentaPRISMs, not pentaMIRRORs.  The prisms are comprised of glass and conduct the light better than mirrors.
  • Replied in clarification
    Two more thoughts.  A brand new D810 right out of the box will have a dark viewfinder.  You need to install a charged battery and turn on the camera for the viewfinder to brighten up. Secondly, ...
  • First, make sure the lenses you are using to compare cameras are not influencing your viewfinder brightness.  For example, if you mount a f/4 lens on the D810 and a f/1.8 lens on the D7100, it is ...
  • Replied in It is a keeper
    I have owned this lens for many years, since it was a new model actually.  I bought it to shoot with my F100.  Then stopped using it when I switched to digital because all the early digital models ...
  • Okay, so it is obvious they are Canon fans. No issues with that, even though I shoot Nikon. Wouldn't it have been a lot more useful list to show the top 10 most frequently rented items?

  • I find hoods on high ratio zoom lenses to be pretty worthless.  First of all, they can be rather bulky if the lens is fairly wide on its short end.  More importantly, the only light protection ...
  • Don't believe everything the pixel peepers complain about.  I certainly care about sharpness but some people take it too far.  Given the 12 mp resolution of the D700, the older 18-35 performs just ...
  • Replied in Probably not
    I believe the biggest lift in the new version is in edge sharpness.  The VR is better as well, if that matters to you. As you, I have the earlier version.  I have no plans to upgrade to the newer ...
  • Replied in Thank you all!
    Many thanks for all the thoughtful and thorough replies and comments. Based on feedback and information here, I decided to upgrade my system to Windows 10.  It took about an hour.  And everything ...
  • My problem is... What happens when Adobe decides to increase the price to $15 or $20 a month.  What recourse does the customer have?  They are locked in.  They either pay it, or abandon ship.  I ...
  • I am on Version 6.3 build 9600.  Capture NX2 still works, but View does not.
  • Thanks.  I've heard that from several people now.  I may just bite the bullet and convert from 8.1 to 10.  As it is now, I have 3 machines and each is running a different version of Windows.  I ...
  • Replied in A Question
    I am looking to replace both.  It just so happens that View NX2 was the first to die.
  • Yes, I have considered those two.  I am hoping someone who actually uses them will comment here on how they like it.
  • Thanks for the clarification
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