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DPR - if you are going to continue this series of articles of switching brands/gears, I would like to see a survey of pro's that are actually planning to switch from Canikon to Sony. I anticipate this to be a very small number. I would also like to see feedback on what changes/offerings that Sony would have to make to entice photographers to switch brands. Your two articles highlight that just having a high performance, technological marvel is just one aspect of switching brands but other considerations will have greater influence on actually transitioning to different gear. Sony has a major uphill battle in the pro action market.

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On article Canon will add C-Log to the EOS 5D Mark IV for $99 (462 comments in total)
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moimoi: Ouch! Not that I care for that feature but the concept of charging for an upgrade is fundamentally wrong, specially at 3.5 kUSD. That attitude may drive current and potential customers away from Canon, specially with the rise of the Sony E-mount. Hopefully they will rectify this, and will make that upgrade for free. This is the LEAST they could do for their customers. Canon, you ought to make your customers happy! This is probably the lesson that needs to be learned over the C-log upgrade.

Sony sometimes doesn't even offer minor upgrades. They have you buy a new camera if you want additional features/functions.

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I have a 3 year old solar panel charger that can be hung off any backpack or used stand alone. I don't see any advantages to this product.

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On article Canon EOS 7D Mark II: A professional's opinion (502 comments in total)

Yet another blatant example of Canon crippling their non-pro cameras. How long do we have to wait until the 7D series gets a state-of-the-art voice recorder?

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On article Rumors hint at pair of new Canon lenses (56 comments in total)

If these lenses are going to be officially announced soon then DPR already has the information. They are using a loophole (in the form of quoting a "rumor site") to unofficially announce the lenses without breaking any confidentiality agreement. Very clever indeed.

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On article 8 months with the Vanguard Up-Rise 33 camera bag (49 comments in total)

I'm a fan of Vanguard products. They do not have a high profile name but they make both quality bags and tripods. I have an Uprise 38 and have used it for business trips as well as a general work bag. It is well made, has tons of pockets, expandable and has a professional clean look. Glad to see Vanguard getting some visibility here.

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On article Roger Cicala compares three 24-70mm F2.8 lenses (142 comments in total)
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marike6: What did we learn? That the 24-70 Nikkor is still the best standard zoom money can buy, the D800E the highest resolving camera DSLR in existence, and that the Tamron 24-70 VC, especially on the D800, is a great value.

What did we learn? That people will continue to believe what they want to believe regardless of what the information and data show.

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