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Niko Vita: As a Z6 shooter I am glad to see that Z6II is the only camera of the four which does not have any flaw. Yet, C&N put it in 3rd. Canon suffers from IQ and is by far the most expensive, yet it came 1st. Panasonic does not have PhD and hence suffers from bad AF, yet it came before Z. In conclusion, it is not a serious ranking but rather subjective and should be used just for fun.

As a Z6 shooter because the Z6II did not come in first, it is not a serious ranking.

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Natalie007: The original Mini has been out less than a year (bought mine January in the UK when they finally arrived in the shops) I'm a little annoyed with this release.

Why, cause its now very unlikely the Mini will get any further updates, such as RAW files, or a follow me mode.

I think the camera on the original Mini can technically do 4k

Occusync seems exciting, but this is a beginner drone, you cannot fly out of visual range without the appropriate training & drone pilot qualification.

I'd have thought a follow me mode and waypoints would have been a better addition, that making it fly further!

Still, a great drone for beginners, but if I replaced my Mini, I'd probably go for the Air 2, for the extra features and not a whole lot more cash.

I hope DJI prove me wrong, as I feel the Mini 2 would still have the edge over the Mini even if it got a RAW upgrade and 4k video updates in firmware. The Mini 2 would still have better motors and OccuSync technology, which is quite a big upgrade.

@natalie007. Your logic behind the Occusync and VLOS applies to all drone, not just beginner drones. I purchase a M2P before the Mini so it's a little ironic that I will be replacing the Mini first. In any case, drones and cameras are technology products to be ready for rapid obsolescence at any time.

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The title is misleading. Even the M2P is a perfect drone for beginners depending on your disposal income. The title should be, "Its the perfect drone for consumers on a budget". And really it's a perfect drone for travellets who want a compact and light load. I own a M2P and purchased a Mini for International travel. With the release of the Mini 2, I will sell my Mini and get a the new drone for future travel. Well done DJI.

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Darren James: I wonder how delaying launch a wee bit and finishing proper firmware would affect sales. Better? Worse? The same?
We’ll never know obviously, but it’s a worrying trend to have so many products released (not just cameras) in what is effectively a Beta state. Makes being an early adopter a recipe for frustration.

The Glass is Half Empty view is the R5/R6 were released in Beta state. The other side states these were fully released cameras that performed per published specs and now have post release enhancements. It’s all in how you package your perspective. Regardless, initial sales seem to indicate that Canon made the right decisions.

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brycesteiner: I've been waiting for this review. I have a Mavic 2 Pro and one of the batteries started flaming and burning in my office. No serious damage was done, though it put burn makes in my counter, as it was outside the drone, but I'm not sure I want to keep this.


Has anyone had issues with the batteries expanding, exploding or burning?

The bloating batteries for Mavic 2’s has been a reoccurring issue for batteries manufactured during a period in 2018. You should contact DJI for a replacement.

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J C Strange: They have already blown past the needed backing by about $300,000. Why does an established company use Kickstarter?

Cash flow. PD is getting a free loan.

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On article Nikon Z7 II initial review (769 comments in total)
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whitelens: Why would Nikon charge $ 500 less than Sony and $900 less than Canon?
Are they not convinced they are competitive?

If you cannot gain a competitive advantage through specs/features then you need to do it through price.

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A few years ago, everyone complained that Canon did not support 4K in many of their bodies and Canon replied that there were heat concerns that caused them to exclude 4K. Canon now releases a flagship body with high quality 4K and 8K and everyone complains about the heat issues. You're damned if you do and..........

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entoman: My opinion as a brand-neutral observer of ridiculous brandwars:

If you want the best, and you're primarily interested in video, the choice is between Panasonic GH5S, Panasonic S1H or Sony a7Siii, depending on budget.

If you want high resolution and you're primarily interested in stills, the choice is between Sony a7Riv, Canon R5 (and Nikon D850 if you prefer a DSLR), depending on your ergonomic preferences.

If you shoot sports, the choice is between Sony a9ii, Canon R5, Canon 1DXiii and Nikon D6, depending largely on what system you're already tied into.

If you want an all round camera on a reasonable budget, the choice is between Panasonic S1, Nikon Z6, Nikon D750, Canon R6 and Sony a7iii.

Now, take your pick, enjoy your photography, and STOP WHINGING.

Nice summary and good advice. There is only one camera that transcends across 2 of the categories which makes it a unique value proposition.

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Why not do that with a 3DS so you can have a 3 dimensional portrait.

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On photo Led Z. 1977 America Tour, Detroit-0003 in the 70s Nostalgia challenge (13 comments in total)

Nice capture. I consider JP the architect of modern-day hard rock music.

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Old Cameras: People talk a lot about “crippling” a camera by purposely leaving out or disabling features that might otherwise be added through firmware. I don’t understand this complaint, this is common practice with almost all products. They disable or leave out a feature and then charge less in order to access the sub market for the product. Some people may not want the camera for its video features, some may not care about having IBIS. If I didn’t care about video and could buy the same camera for less money with “crippled” video features - and pay less money for it - I’d absolutely go for that. There’s nothing sneaky or dishonest about that.

Cost is not directly related to product segmentation strategies nor market value so just because a function/feature is free or low cost does not mean a good company will not charge for it.

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To have Covid wreaking havoc on an already shrinking market, I would expect nothing short of a disastrous 2nd quarter.

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StoneJack: 12 mp for 3500 dollars. Congrats, Sony folk! I hope you are ready to pay more for less :)

I can hardly wait for their 8mp body for $5,000.

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jpeghorror: Hmm, the Nikon rep interviewed by Adorama was clear to point out the Z5 is their "entry point" into Z FF, not entry-level. Sounds like they're leaving room below the Z5, which will make more sense when the Z6s arrives closer to $2k.

"Entry point" could be a euphemistic term for "entry level". The latter sounds like you are a beginner which is not the case for many buyers.

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On article DPReview TV: Canon EOS R6 review (574 comments in total)
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pentaust: What I understand from this review: The Canon EOS R6 is a full frame camera that takes pictures. Those pictures have the quality of 20Mpixels full frame pictures. And I would add: in a blind test, no one could tell if the pictures come from this Canon EOS R6, or a 6D, or a D750 or a A7RIII, or a 5DIII or a 5DIV. So , if I don't have money to waste, I'd better keep using the cameras and lenses that I already have, keep taking picture and spend zero money on those new camera models that require to also buy new lenses, and would make no difference on images.

@pentaust, if you have a high hit rate with your current camera system then I would tend to agree with you. However, if you need a higher performance AF with Eye/Animal detection, higher FPS, better AF in low light conditions or improved IBIS than I would consider an alternate system if you are financially comfortable changing.

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Pentax is backed into a corner. They can't compete in the ML space which is quickly becoming overcrowded with product offerings in a shrinking market so they are pursuing a niche segment where competitors are withdrawing. Hope there are enough sales to keep them afloat.

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Orim_70: Cripple Hammer is back. So they build in a pretty useless 8k paper spec. Even 4k 60p is pretty useless.

So all we got is a new 5D without a mirror and expensive RF glas. Hhhmm brillant ... :-D

Yes, this camera body is practically unusable! Thanks for putting this into perspective.

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When they say that the R5 will sell like "Hotcakes", who knew there was a literal component to that saying. In all seriousness, I'd like to know how many R5 users intend to have shooting times longer than a 20 minute segment in 8K.

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Pick your poison: Heat vs. size/weight/weather sealing. I would choose the latter and I'm guessing the majority of users would want that as well.

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