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  • If I didn't need the Adobe suite for Photoshop, Indesign, Premiere and After Effects I would likely have already purchased Affinity Photo. It is the imo the best alternative to Lightroom/ACR.

  • Very few photos work by breaking basic rules of composition. When they do work, they are normally considered some of the best work of the photographer. But again, they are few and far between.

  • Replied in Great shot!
    Love the shot! I know you are being cheeky, but the DoF thing isn't regarding focal lengths this long ;).
  • Don't be so hard on yourself. At least with this photo set, there isn't a whole lot of seasoned creativity you would need to shoot these types of portraits. All you need are 2 big, soft lights and...

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    Tie between Canon 85mm f1.2 and Canon 16-35mm F4 on a FF Canon. Pretty close to my most used lenses which are the Noct, 12-40, and the PL15. I really need to add the Laowa to my stable at some point. ...
  • It's ok... there is still a very diverse and healthy low- and mid-tier range of smartphones ($100-300 range).

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    This is not true on so many levels its impossible to decide where to begin.
  • 24MP hasn't been around that long in Fuji land, and this is one of their entry level cameras. Plus, they don't have a flagship camera with a higher MP count either. Once they do, I'm sure it will...

  • @Richard
    Pretty sure Fuji said the exact same thing about their buyers not wanting touchscreens too, but here we are.

  • @dash2k8
    If you like the 35mm FoV, you should also look into the Panasonic 15mm f1.7. I have owned both the Oly 17 f1.8 and the Panny 15, and the rendering on the Panny is just nicer imo. Also, the...

  • @arindam
    What I use IBIS for:
    1) Handheld landscape: Even with the old EM10, I can handhold 0.5 sec landscapes to smooth out water
    2) Handheld telephoto portraits and wildlife: Can shoot portraits...

  • Possibly, but I doubt the AF in AFS will be better, and the IBIS + handling of the EM10 is leaps and bounds more usable than the Canon M100.

  • @Marty
    What they can do with their 16MP inventory:
    1) Put out a E-PM3 with some more modern features, sell it new for $349
    2) Sell the parts to other imaging manufacturing companies

    The OMD...

  • Almost. The EVF in the GX85 is its achilles heel. I can get along with it ok, but I'd probably get annoyed using it on a daily basis.

  • Or the smart first time buyer realizes there isn't much daylight between this and the EM10.2 and just picks up the EM10.2 for roughly half the price of the EM10.3

  • You should have the Panny 100-300mm ii on your list as well. Price is pretty darned good for what is effectively a 600mm lens.
  • @MShot
    Sorry no, that is simply not true. Not for a camera that can already handle 4K at 102Mbps can easily make the jump from 16MP to 20MP without breaking a sweat processor wise... not to mention...

  • @Tom
    They could have put in a 20MP sensor and charged $50 more and it would be fine. They also would make MORE profit from it because the upgrade cost to them to go from a 16MP sensor to a 20MP...

  • EM10ii is probably the best bang for the buck camera from Olympus right now. Can be found new at times for around $400, and refurbed on the outlet store for $300ish.

  • Replied in New to MFT
    Welcome! I actually came to m43's from a Nikon D7000. Ended up with an EM10 and have been shooting it for years now and absolutely love it. There are quite a few options available, and they are all ...
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