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  • I have been pretty vocal about my disdain for this lens, and really, it comes down to what you get for what you pay. This lens retails for $300, and its only recently that it can be found new for ...
  • Replied in Its only OK.
    Its pretty good with Dual IS, but the IBIS in-body is pretty mediocre. My original EM10 is lightyears better than the GX8's IBIS. The GX8 just edges it out when using Dual IS. I think the GX85 and ...
  • products labeled as "camera first" smartphones need to have a 1" sensor or just not be made. If the sensor is the same size as the rest of the smartphone competition, there really isn't enough of a...

  • Commented on article Canon EOS M6 Review

    Well, all you need to know is Sony has already overtaken Nikon in the number 2 spot for camera sales. So its pretty clear people are choosing these Sony toys over yet another standard Nikon...

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  • Ah yes, I believe Panasonic has spot AE that will expose for the specific point you touch on and not just a center weighted spot (which I believe my M10 is only center weighted spot, that is why I ...
  • Created discussion thread Question for the Panasonic pros here...
    Jeff, Jaques, Trevor, Henry, et. al: I have started heavily utilizing my AE lock feature for outdoor portraits to create very high key photos (and guarantee the actual subject is properly exposed ...
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    But if its no fun to actually shoot with, who cares that its cheaper? This was and still is my issue with the A6000. I don't like the ergo on most Sony cameras, though I felt the A7Rii was a big...

  • Commented on article Canon EOS M6 Review

    I don't think this is the lens at its best for a potential variety of reasons:
    1) Likely an F-stop deep into diffraction territory to slow down the water (no EXIF data that I can...

  • Commented on article Canon EOS M6 Review

    What are you talking about?
    The standard for FF DSLR: Canon 5Dm4 vs. the standard for FF mirrorless:,682

    The Sony is also over 20% lighter. So yes, it is...

  • Commented on article Canon EOS M6 Review

    But what if you don't actually like handling and using an A6000, regardless if the spec sheet looks good for the money?

  • Most of the Oly OMD and PEN lines just aren't very good with Metabones (some of the adapters flat out won't work with many Oly cameras). The EM1, EM1ii and Panasonic cameras seem to do better ...
  • Cross comparable with an error of about 1 blur unit when comparing different formats. The 70-200 is 1 blur unit off from the 40-150 and could be within the margin of error that they mentioned. Also ...
  • At $300 and under, its well worth it. Anything over that, and you are into Panny 15 territory (can be found for $400), and I don't think it quite matches the PL15.
  • Replied in don't be shy
    Hehe, its just really quite horrible for what it costs and, since it is that bad for quite a bit of money, it really does no favors for the format. Its a bit insulting that its retail price is $300.
  • It takes some heat because its not AS sharp as the Panny 15 or the Oly 25, but its a very nice lens with blazing AF, and a nice manual clutch. My biggest problem with the Oly 17 f1.8 is its price ...
  • Add the Panny 15mm f1.7 to that list as well. Its my personal favorite out of those choices. The Panny 20mm has great image quality potential, but its autofocus is pretty pokey. Just make sure you ...
  • Replied in Yep.
    The answer to this is yes. I use my Oly 12-40 quite frequently on both my EM10 and my GX8. The GX8 with the 12-40 is significantly faster in every possible AF metric. It was also a hair faster ...
  • You either have to buy an old EM1, or drop a ton of cash on an EM1ii if you want to stay with Oly and get much better low light and overall focus speed. But you CAN get much faster, responsive and ...
  • I think its on their list. I might consider it, or, I might consider a metabones + the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 lens. Basically turns the lens into a f1.2 zoom covers this focal range all the way up to ...
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