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xev11: What's an iMovie equivalent for windows? I'd like to be able to slide video and audio clips into place and not much else? I want it to be a simple process

Black Magic Da Vince Resolve 12 or 14 far more powerful than iMovie and free for mac and PC , avid media composer | first also launch a free package and hitFilm Express 4LE , Blender etc ........ pick your what you want

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On article GoPro's poor holiday sales lead to staff layoff (114 comments in total)

Gopro became greedy , they made there money and still will with there over priced product , now they want to get rid of staff, because it hurts the bottom line. The chinese are hot on there heels as with other manufactures like Nikon. I have founded a new Chinese Camera Gitup git2 that shoots in raw, after testing I am more than happy not to buy any more Go-Pro products, I have bought 3 units git2's and wait to buy the new Nikon 360 and new Z Camera E1 Mini 4K.

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It seems Canon it still rehashing old tech and resting on there laurels, once a leader this year they will now fall behind Panasonic and Sony

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There are many users of this camera on RCgroup for quads and radio control planes and etc , It has one problem but eazy sorted out , the lens is out of focus just refocus it . as for cost $ 62.89 including shipping for base model without housing and compares to the similar to Gopro 4 silver which is way over price like any gopro products. Currently there are 3 action cameras which have nearly caught up to the go-pro black , SJCAM SJ5000x Elite IMX078 4K24 Gyro Action Cam , Firefly 6S 4K Sports Camera and the Gitup2 which is so close in always to the hero4black it offer one thing which gopro does not RAW photos a plus in my book :

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Are you kidding me 24fps why on earth would I use 24 on a drone and long do you expect to fly 15 mins is good , you pay for what you get in the case of the Phantom a bit overpriced compared to other multirotors .

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TLD: Incidentally, a buddy who is heavily involved in NZ South Island UFB, came back from a software conference in the USA saying that the future for Adobe apps will go beyond the current subscription model, and that our computers would become dumb terminals with the entire process happening on a super fast remote server. Now that _is_ scary.

Someone down the thread mentioned having just 8gb/month bandwidth. Well I have 120Gb/month, but my connection speed is so dire it might as well be 8Gb. :-(

Here is the start of what has happened alread , his one is free and it works damn well for free
Photo editor online / free image editing direct in your browser -

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(unknown member): Adobe isn't performing as well as some had hoped. Maybe they'll quit with this CC nonsense soon.


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Bill T.: I wonder how many of the anti-CC ranters here are merely annoyed because they can no longer pirate the software?

I've never mind paying for good value received, and as far as I'm concerned CC represents fabulous value for the money, especially for those who use multiple applications.

If Adobe went back to old scheme, I couldn't afford to pay for a lot of Adobe programs (and their updates) that I now use. Just think...that would give us a whole new thing to rant about!

Bill T there are other reasons also why people do not want to pay a monthly fee , In our country the USD chase untold problems for us, if our currencies drop we pay more on the model, owning works better for countries outside the USA or UK. Another reason why CC does not work for me is I go in outlining areas for 2 to 3 months at a time with no internet connects, if I have to verify subscription in this period I am stuffed.

Illegal software will not stop , this move of adobe has caused more illegal users than everbefore. GrassValley who makes Edius , has made Edius totally hack proof , since version 6.5 , no body has got it right to hack it , GV when even further on version 7 you are only able to install 3 times after that you have to phone GV for them to give you assecc. IF Adobe was worried about hacked software, they could have eazy sort that out ...... it is only one thing it is about the Money.....

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Really a $1000 , for a toy for under $200 you could get something that can do the same and even better . For a $1000 you could something , like a DJI Phantom or Wakera QX 350 PRO, which did even more including flight time .

have to agree with :By RichRMA (2 hours ago)
Annoying, Apple-like, 20-something hipsterism.

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