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  • Have they stopped draining your battery every time you look through them?

  • But when truth isn't praise, the ill-motivated attempt to mischaracterize the message and discredit the messenger. I refuse to call them "fanboys" as it's not derogatory enough to be accurate.

  • For someone who pushes shadows and values ISO invariance, it could change a lot. It could be the difference between buying it and not buying it. If you need the speed then it probably doesn't.

  • It covers one element of the a9's performance. I see no reason to believe it is inaccurate or that we need to wait for another similar test to make a judgment about this specific characteristic.

  • It's not gray market, it's the current standard price just about everywhere. Nikon USA is selling them for 399, Best Buy for 399, Amazon for 396, and B&H has it at 396. None of those places try...

  • Why do some of the comments say "6 months ago" under an article that was published 1 day ago?

  • Huh? The D3400 and kit lens sells for $396 on Amazon.

  • Canon's been doing well with their retro sensors for years now.
  • You just keep lying. You did create that scenario. I didn't say anything about needing an "expensive camera setup" or in any way indicate that I believed in "materialism as self worth." Those are ...
  • Where did i say anything about valuing "an expensive camera setup"? The new Samsung S8 costs more than my camera. I'm talking about the appreciation of image quality and the other capabilities ...
  • Which is the response anyone deserves after coming to a site like this and cheerleading for lower standards and showing glee in thread after thread essentially yelling "Look! Look! another example ...
  • In focus = "flat"? I supposed if you've been brainwashed to believe something ridiculous like that. Artsy fartsy photography strikes again.

  • Oh, I know they contain Sony sensors. That's why I said "Sony sensors lol" in my 3rd post. They're excellent. I think the latest Sonys in the Nikon 3xxx and 5xxx series are slightly better than...

  • @T3: LOL I feel sorry for excuse-makers who limit themselves to artsy-fartsy photography (because that tends to be the refuge of those who use ridiculous pejoritives like "pixel peeping" toward...

  • @osv: I don't have a k-70, and no the A6000 does not have better image quality. If you've followed IR over the years you know the red fabric sample has been known for producing wildly inconsistent...

  • @brendon1000: How is the K-70 not a current model? It's a lot more current than an A6000 which was introduced TWO AND A HALF YEARS EARLIER (speaking of "rubbish being spread"). If you want to...

  • @osv: If you "don't care what you want out of a camera" why are you responding to my post? My post was about MY view of things. As for sensor claims, go look at the samples I mentioned. And...

  • @T3: I won't argue against your priorities for you. I was just saying from the beginning that I was disappointed that Sony, who seems to be pushing the edge at the high end, isn't offering what...

  • Replied in Film shock!
    Do the feelings of a camera get hurt? Or is the film itself damaged by criticism? My calendar says 2017, not 2000
  • Face it T3, you lie about others. All you've done is list YOUR priorities that line up with what you're trying to defend here and act as if they should be mine. I've been clear that I wanted IQ...

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