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Xbot: No wide-angles among winners. All but two are telephoto. That's not a criticism. But, it's interesting to note.

If you follow a cross section 0f photographers on youtube/IG you see that trend ramping up in 2020. I think these things go in waves as one trend gets popular people look for something 'different' today that is telephoto. In another five years we will probably be back to wide angle again.

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doctor digi: The latest incarnation of eFilm. Remember them?

I had great hopes for that and would still love to revitalise some of my old bodies.

Link | Posted on Jul 19, 2021 at 20:20 UTC

Your View (7) and Classic View (5) are the standouts for my taste. Guess I'm a bit of a traditionalist. Enjoyed them all.
Can't help thinking that the Mural artist did all the hard work in Urban Life (8), though the photographer caught the intended moment.

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Too late for me. I’ve already replaced all my A glass with FE glass. Disappointed that screw FF is only supported on A7Riv. A lot of the older screw lenses are not up to that resolution. I guess the 7iv when it arrives is the real target to coax the remaining A-Mount body people into mirrorless.

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mikegt: For everyone saying just shoot 4K 30p on the R5 to avoid over-heating, because Canon says that mode is "not limited by heat" - on the official Canon chart in the article, the heading on that column specifies an ambient temperature of 23 degrees C / 73 F. So if we take Canon's word for it, at 23 degrees C the camera is not limited by heat shooting 4K 30p. But what about when the ambient temperature is greater than 23 C ?

Perfect for the U.K. anyone living anywhere hotter is just weird.

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Jeff Greenberg: ---
some WOULD pay more for stills-only camera
better than its video-stills mate, depending
on what was better & by how much...

IMO, this article don't recognize order
of events in camera development:
engineers constantly building prototypes;
marketers determine which can make profit;
many prototypes ===> few market models;
so stills-only prototypes are abundant
& sitting on shelves...

@panther fan. I'd happily pay it. I never take video but have often received "not permitted in this mode" when accidentally pressing the totally useless record button next to my BBF button on my Sony. That then needs another key press to clear it. Today the woodpecker was gone by the time I was able to actually hit focus.

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This misses the point. I would pay more not to have video menus and wasted buttons.

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Tom Schum: The used lens market offers hundreds of options for C mount lenses. One can easily spend thousands on such a lens.
About 10 years ago there was a rumor of a compact camera that had a C lens mount, but it never materialized into a product until now.

@Joe, Yes Barebones also do a C-Mount for the Sony RX0. I have one.

Link | Posted on Apr 30, 2020 at 21:31 UTC
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Garyster: The videographer I work with in my full-time wedding business does not recommend this tripod - especially for the price. Kudos to PD for their donations, but these are WAY overpriced and the design is poor. I asked to see the tripod and mistook the leg anchor (for lack of a better term) for the extension release (they look really similar) and they flimsy metal piece came off and the leg slipped out of the larger portion. I was super embarrassed. Luckily it popped back in place, but a HORRIBLE design.

So he bought a travel tripod designed for still photography to use as a commercial videographer. I think I can see the problem here and it wasn’t the tripod. The fact that he did it in Kickstarter and then got bummed about returns just reduces the credibility of the person to an even lower level.

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Txoni: I don't see why DPR always gives this tripod so good reviews, and why it compares it to very different tripods.

My old Gitzo 1550T is:

Folded: 35.5cm height (3.9cm shorter)
Width: 8.7cm ( 4mm wider)
Weight: 1.0kg (21% lighter)
Maximum height: 149cm (just 3cm shorter)
Maximum Load: 4.5kg (suffices for most targetted users, I guess)

Why doesn't DPR compare it to similar existing tripods, instead of tripods targetted to other uses?

Because it’s new and search worthy. No point in writing reviews of old stuff, that’s not what people are searching for. It’s all about getting traffic on your site.
That said I bought two carbon fibre PD tripods on the kick starter. My 055 manfrotto has only been used once this year, my befree has been sold. In terms of use the PD is a joy. It fits inside my camera bag and is light enough to always be with me. Like with cameras the most useful tripod is the one you have with you and the PD is by far the best combination of size, weight and rigidity that is available today. Of course there are stiffer tripods, bigger tripods even smaller tripods but not that hit the sweet spot quite like the PD.

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We already do this, and have been for four years, with an in-house iPhone application capturing test data for our product. Hardly new or novel.

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RhonaldJR: Their 100 system works just fine, this is just to make more money :-) well, maybe there is some benefit, who knows.

The benefit is it’s smaller. I use the 100 system with my mirrorless. The headline should say small cameras not mirrorless as some mirrorless are actually be too big for these filters.

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twdixon: I really wish they would spend less time on sky enhancements (what's their obsession with sky enhancements???) and more time on Windows performance. Version 4.1.1 (5343) is still slow to load, the reaction to the sliders it slow, and the library... please speed up the library!

KCook to select a normal export folder is a single click of you use it regularly. It will be in the recents drop down. The big issue is finding the folder in a whole tree takes many clicks and assumes you know the folder in the first place. Your requirement would still be met even if they defaulted to the source folder whereas it’s a nightmare the other way around. It would even be trivial coding to have the source folder as the first item in the recents drop down but no they keep bringing out AI this and AI that. Maybe if I suggest an AI algorithm to decide the best place to save the export based on your previous usage...

Link | Posted on Mar 19, 2020 at 22:16 UTC
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twdixon: I really wish they would spend less time on sky enhancements (what's their obsession with sky enhancements???) and more time on Windows performance. Version 4.1.1 (5343) is still slow to load, the reaction to the sliders it slow, and the library... please speed up the library!

And exporting to the same folder as the file was loaded from. It still remembers the last folder you exported to regardless of where it was or where you loaded the original file from. This has been requested by many people many times since the first version. Support keeps saying they will raise it with development but this trivial feature never arrives. I can only assume it's way more difficult than replacing a sky with AI, which I've done once to try the feature and will probably never do again... I know for a fact this feature has been requested by many many people. I wonder how many people requested AI sky replacement. Too much focus by developers on the fun stuff while neglecting simple improvements to work flow and usability. I really like the application though and it tends to be my first point of call for processing despite the niggles.

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photographytragic: So much like areas on earth, and so when you realise it's all like that, it feels like we are looking into our future.

But a bit lacking in atmosphere

Link | Posted on Mar 11, 2020 at 13:59 UTC
On article The importance of emotion in landscape photography (108 comments in total)

Great article and very thought provoking.
But Nigel you simply get have to use to the fact that Pebbles is way prettier than you...

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Hey here’s and idea. Just remove it all...

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Big Sonyfan: "illegally flying UAVs and who are putting other people at risk."

That sounds good, but is vague and open to abuse. Flying a drone 200 feet above someone could been seen as putting them at risk.
And since they can fine and confiscate drones "on the spot", the onus is shifted to the drone owner to prove he is not committing any offenses. In other words, they can punish you and you are guilty until you prove your innocence.

In this age of "drone paranoia" we are close to the point where anyone can complain with little reason and your drone will be confiscated and you will be fined. The police make some money, the person stops complaining and drone operators pay for it all.

mxx If we didn't have cars there would be other alternatives to fill the gap, a car is not a necessity. Cars have distroyed the public transport systems of the world. The only places that have viable public transport are the places where cars are either too expensive or too slow due to the other inconsiderate 'traffic' on the roads. On top of that most people don't store their drones in the street like they do their cars... More to the point I would much rather take my chances getting hit by an out of control drone than by an out of control car.

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NDT0001: Good. The laws should be tough on un-licensed operators. I have seen so much stupidity around hobbyist drone use, including delaying emergency helicopter deployment due to drone presence. The naive attitudes should be no excuse and flying drones in restricted airspace or locations should be as tough as they are proposing. Un-authorised drone use usually means users don't have a basic grasp on the rules and the reason for their implementation.

Mr.izo As a UK based target rifle shooter I beg to differ with your opinion...

Link | Posted on Feb 2, 2020 at 14:23 UTC

And that is why I don't rely on any on-line service.
I got screwed by Apple with the .Mac service by, SmugMug when they started charging and most recently by DropBox when they dropped support for symlinks.

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