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  • THANKS so much, Rich... currently working through all your very helpful info. Much appreciated. Have a good week. :)
  • Definitely...  I'm currently working through all his brilliant suggestions. :)
  • AMAZING... thank you so much for linking me in, that's brilliant!!!! :)
  • Yes, it's fascinating isn't it... I'm well and truly down the rabbit hole now lol and looking forward to learning more as well! Thanks for all your help. :)
  • Many thanks to all of you who have taken the time to reply to my question and have been so generous in sharing your expertise. I'm very grateful for all your time and patience! :) -Pommegirl
  • Thank you so much for the info... I am looking forward to setting up my space for editing. Have a good weekend, -Pommegirl
  • Truly... quite incredible, I'm blown away with all the help and suggestions (it's given me lots to work on). Everyone has been so kind... I'm very grateful. :)
  • I am wondering if this is a part or the puzzle I have missed, thank you for raising this. I need to check. NAwlins... yesterday I calibrated using the native white point, D65 (x-rite) and D6500 ...
  • Ah, I actually tried the native white point calibration yesterday Rich and it appears the same as the 6500K calibration I have done. I'm guessing that's a good thing then. I also tried one at D65 ...
  • This is very interesting... thank you for your thoughts on this. So, I am new to all of this (as you might well have guessed lol). Currently, I just edit in my living room :-) and it has a ...
  • Oh perfect Bob... THANKS so much for the suggestion, I will definitely do this. :) -Pommegirl
  • Fingers crossed... I will definitely follow what you have suggested. Hmmm I think I will need to double check with them because I did use their specific icc print profile for the particular paper I ...
  • Hi Rich! That's great to hear, thanks for that confirmation. I'm blown away by everyone's kindness in replying and great help. Just so I'm clear I'm understanding you correctly. If I'm ...
  • I have now checked with the print company and they said to send it as an Adobe RGB file so I will make that alteration. I have also downloaded their print profiles. That makes sense and I will lose ...
  • Thanks so much Adam, I have now checked with the print company and understand from them it should be Adobe RGB so I will make that alteration. I so appreciate your time, help and patience. Enjoy ...
  • No, they did not request ProPhotoRGB so I think that is my mistake NAwlins and maybe where some of my problem lies. I have been doing my edit in Lightroom CC. I then move my photo into Photoshop ...
  • Bob, THANK YOU for replying... I wonder if it is. I will make the change to sRGB and hopefully, that will make a difference. Fingers crossed. Kind regards, -Pommegirl
  • I'm so grateful, thank you Adam. That's very kind, thank you. :) I will definitely do that. That makes sense Adam. So if, for example, the printers use sRGB would I choose that colour space option ...
  • Adam, thank you for taking the timing to reply and confirming Phil's recommendations. I will go ahead and trial the luminance at 80. I sincerely appreciate you sharing your expertise. :) Kind regards,
  • Phil, THANK YOU... I will do some more research on that. I so appreciate your time and help. :) -Pommegirl
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