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progo: With every pixel having their own ADC, does it mean we can perhaps have each pixel do different shutter speed while taking a photo, thus making noiseless shadow lifting and highlight recovery right during the exposure?

Wooooh, I like the sound of that!

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Nikoncanonfan: Could be trouble around the corner when Nikon and Canon get serious with full frame mirrorless. If they keep size down and go a bit retro the Fuji offering looks less appealing...

How will these FF cameras be smaller without redesigned lenses that require a shorter distance to the sensor? I think CANON and NIKON will have just as difficult a time selling these cameras given that they will require redesigned lenses. It will require purchasing an entirely new system to take advantage of smaller a smaller camera system. Plus Canon and Nikon will have ALL that investment in making them. I have a feeling that things are not as exciting as you suppose.

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EduPortas: Hey Lars, no mention about the notable depreciation the Japanese Yen experienced vs. the US Dollar during 2017? Once those dollars are transformed to Yen you'll see a natural bump in income. That's at least one of the reasons they did so well.

What are you even talking about??? It still translates into 2.5 billion US $.

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G1Houston: Keep in mind that the profit increase from digital camera (Electronic imaging) is rather small however ...

The Photo Imaging (that gets most of the profit) sells something like this:

Keep in mind that ANY profit is better than what Nikon is seeing.

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Edmond Leung: Not natural. Looks like in-camera over sharpening. Noise control on the background is terrible.

SteveAnderson and Dante Birchen...girls, you're both pretty, now move on!

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Edmond Leung: Not natural. Looks like in-camera over sharpening. Noise control on the background is terrible.

You might be expecting too much from a long lens like this. I think it looks fine.

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Except that when you click on the image, you notice that the Apple exhibits extreme amounts of smudging and lost detail. They still have a ways to go.

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Yeah, I built a PC about 3 years ago that runs circles around my wifes mac from less than a year ago. But she likes the Mac user format, so what difference does it make to her? I figure, buy what makes you happy, if it is a glowing apple on the back, then go for it.

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AKH: Film is the winner. The Canon colors look odd.

I feel the opposite. It is a matter of taste and opinion.

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mario loconte: The photographer makes the difference, 5DIv or not, she needs to improve her photographic skills: id photo framing, elementary light shaping and cheap post processing

Oh gosh, your criticism is a joke. Her posing was fine for high fashion, and the lighting was fine as well. You get to have an opinion when you put up your own photos for criticism.

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panther fan: Some people love cat eye bokeh some people don't, and that's ok.
I myself strongly dislike it and if there is one thing I dislike on my FE 85mm it is the cat eye bokeh. I understand that this is a macro lens, optimized for macro photography, but i really want a macro lens that can double as a portrait lens. The Sony 90mm F2.8 has the same "problem". I never understood people saying macro lenses are too sharp for portraits. You can always remove it in post processing. Seems like I am one of the very few photographers, that want the FE 100mm without APD element, for perfect circular bookeh, with classic rendering and light transmission

The cat eye bokeh, as I understand is generally caused by aspherical lens elements. Pretty much every modern lens manufacturer these days incorporates aspherical lens elements, at least in their upper end lenses. Even Leica. They are in a race for sharpness. This is why I prefer the older Leica look, as opposed to their new look. A good copy of a 35mm Summicron now costs more than it did originally.

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Imager of: When I zoom in 800% I’m noticing quite a bit of noise. Is this normal?

LOL. :/

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razadaz: The Nikon F mount has been its gold standard since it was introduced. Time after time it would have been easier to have changed it to accommodate new technology, but they have always looked for a way to make it work. It is used by countless organisations and people around the world (and above it). If Nikon introduced a different full frame camera mount I think they would lose much of their customer base overnight. There are simply too many good alternatives out there if you have to start building your camera system from scratch again.

I am more than confident that NIKON will provide an adapter that allows F mount lenses to work in an almost native way. But to assume that a mirrorless camera would work best with an F mount is ridiculous.

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Reilly Diefenbach: But can it do 3D pop?

LOL... I like where you are going with this.

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Let me be the first to say that this will NEVER replace conventional lenses in photography. It is a fleeting fad, just like digital sensors over film. I still have ALL of my money in KODAK!

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$1700? You have to really love taking mediocre shots to spend that kind of money on a 4/3 system.

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Photato: Wow no wonder manufacturers can do whatever they want with complacent and ignorant consumers.
The real issue here is no that Apple is slowing down phones but all the bad compromises we have to "accept" because Apple simply won't make phones with user replaceable batteries.
This very fact makes Apple and many others not ecological friendly given that phones need to be discarded prematurely.
Governments around the world should impose Environmental fees to devices that come with no end user accessible batteries.

I'm glad cameras still come with replaceable batteries, remaining usable for many years.

There are two types of people in this world, APPLE sycophants and those that have ever used something else.

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Of all of the reasons that I hate APPLE, this is low on the list.

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Sonylover1: Why dont you guys living in USA just sue Apple and the cro-k, Tim Cook?
I am on my 4th Iphone. I have noticed the drain all the way from 4 to 5 to 6 whenever there is a new IOS.
Sabotaging a bought product on purpose is a crime.
The credibility is lost.

Can't apple just make the batteries replaceable? Yeah, I thought so.

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ecka84: Well, of course, polar bears are vegetarian (snowtarian?) and they don't harm other animals when they feed. Right?
We don't even know what's wrong with that bear. Maybe he ate something he shouldn't have.
"need to share both the beautiful and the heartbreaking if we are going to break down the walls of apathy."
- OK, then what's your idea of happy wildlife?
"if the Earth continues to warm, we will lose bears and entire polar ecosystems"
- That's not what we should be worrying about. Much more terrible things can happen if the Earth continues to warm. How many people suffer and die every day because of the idiots running our planet? If you don't know, then you might be one of them. Believe it or not, but nature has survived things worse than us.
There are two choices:
Animals are starving, humans are destroying their ecosystem, mostly due to overpopulation, let's feed them humans. Sounds fair?
OR, leave them alone, let them fight for their own survival and fix the real problem instead.

Borax...are you even aware of the two rescue missions that it took to retrieve your BS lying comrades who tried to transverse the Northwest Passage last year. What you are claiming is a TOTAL LIE. And as long as the NOBEL COMMISION is busy handing out prizes to the likes of OBAMA, I don't think I will take their accolades too seriously.

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