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  • It was sunny in the morning and cloudy afternoon. Lucky to get those nice photos. I'd go there again in May or June.
  • Created discussion thread CPL filter on 11-22, 28 macro lens?
    Images from 11-22 without CPL are pretty good but I'm wondering it could be better with CPL. I got 28mm macro lens yesterday and haven't had a chance to try.
  • on the web, says A Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis ), also called the common cardinal or redbird perches on brush growing from a 19th century lava flow on Hawaii’s Big Island with the ...
  • Now, I'm back. First of all, IQ from M5 is really great and better than expected. 11-22 gave me wonderful image and I have no reason to take 6D kit on the trip where it needs hours of walking such ...
  • Created discussion thread ready to go to Kauai
    Leaving tomorrow for business but I can get a couple of days off there. 6D + 24-70 f/2.8 II, 28mm f/2.8 IS USM M5 + 55-250 STM (w/ adapter), 11-22 First time with M5 and I'm exciting. I don't like ...
  • You need hood to have filter on. Filter can be mounted on the hood, not lens. I just ordered hood.
  • I got this lens at same price last November. Yes, it's a great deal. Enjoy!!
  • I got my M5 yesterday and I tried every switches on camera body when I saw that message. I checked manual and figure that out. Message should be better as OP mentioned.
  • I've been in Rome a couple of years ago and am going to Venice this fall. I took 6D + 24-105. You need wider than 22mm on M5 in many cases. I recommend M5 + 11-22.
  • Replied in Going prime?
    I have 6D and 80D. 28mm f/2.8 IS : recently acquired for vacation trip. Amazing lens !! Deserve "L" letter 50mm STM : light backup 50MM Sigma non Art : bought long before Art was released. Very ...
  • I once got a deal via from a Canadian seller and received a lens without paying any tax. But, I didn't like the lens(minor issue anyway) and wanted to return. I was told that ...
  • I found several Sigma 17-50 on local Craig's list around/under $300. You might want to check local listing or eBay. I sold mine last year but that was my favorite lens on 70D. I sold all my EF-S ...
  • Replied in Damn it
    I bought Sony Nex-5T some years ago and A6000 last year(like EVF). I took A6000 to Swiss last year along with 6D+16-35 f/4. Most of images from Sony are not my favorite. I'm not sure why but I ...
  • cheaper than 35 IS, smaller, lighter and gives you super sharp images. I picked this lens over 35 IS and no regret.
  • I usually carry light monopod for landscape shooting. Or, set ISO to 400~800 on my 6D to get fast shutter speed. No problem so far.
  • I'm going to Vienna this fall and have decided to take 6D + 28mm f/2.8 IS. I'm expecting "all day walking" there and this is my decision( I have back pain) Refurb 28mm arrived last Fri, I took some ...
  • Because 90% of my images were at 400mm. And it's light and much cheaper than 100-400 II. For the money, 400 prime is excellent choice.
  • I used to own both. I have no super tele at this time. I went to 100-400 II from 400 5.6. At 400, IQ is about same as I remember but 100-400 II has IS and IQ is very sharp at any FL. About 90% of ...
  • That's one of my options for my upcoming trip to Vienna. I have 80D but I thought about SL1. I'm tossing up between - SL1 + 10-18, 24, 85 - M5 + 11-22 - 6D + 28 IS, 85 I have 6D, my son has SL1. ...
  • I thought about selling my 85 too. I have 50, 100L, and 200L but no 135. I changed my mind to keep it . Because it's IQ is much better than my 50 STM, AF is much faster than my 100L. 85 has it's ...
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