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What we have here isn’t the rant of a socialite but rather the sincere efforts of a want-a-be journalist. For every journalist, teacher, photographer, artist, musician, grandmother, uncle or parent has something to say about what makes the world go around in hope that it would be inspiring long after we have become fertilizer. - When asked; why do I make pictures? The answer is inevitably that, “life is constantly revealing moments of incredible significance and amazement which must be record.”


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Greetings Imagejunk; always delighted to read when there's an appreciation for art (whatever the vehicle of expressed) and of course photography. Recently, in visiting art galleries discovered that a misplaced notion about photography not viewed alongside traditional painting as ‘real art’ (that began to crept into opinions long ago) had not dissipated but with the arrival of digital, had stayed on.

My continued research led me here, so; in regards to the art in photography and to benefit your growing excitement in Photo-Art, I’d like to share the article I’ve been preparing on the subject entitled;

“Is Photography Real Art – Is Photoshop, Photography? A timely debate (from what I hear). Some thoughts and answers for consideration.”

It is my hope to increase the understanding of photography’s position within the art world and inspire you and all those like yourself.
You can read it here:

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Nice; a little more key light on a gray day is helpful and why the fire hydrant (location, location).

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Hi Wildbegoniai; originally stumbled here via Google, I quickly checked-out the photos. Looking at yours a 4th time (after your post) revealed what troubled me previously and I would say it’s a winner but you have to edit a little for that.

It was the top black portion (a distraction); so, in software, edit replace the black with blue by 1st sampling the upper most blue color then use it to ‘Fill’ in the black. 2nd - Touchup any edges using ‘Stamp’ or ‘Clone’ tool and there you have it, an ‘outstanding’ photo. I can see (in your gallery) your attempts to look beyond the present image at hand, the trick is to visually understand what it is your imagining for the photo to be and then capture it that way. Keep doing, what you’re doing.

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May I presume the forums a place for encouragement, criticism, an academic place to cultivate ones creative talents. Always cherished communities where creative’s can be inspired & would like to comment regarding the ‘Lace’, why photo may have won and why others should not have been overlooked. Hope that you find it useful.

My Pick's:
1st-Seduction by GNapp Studios;
Good esthetics, technical merit, only entry that had the 'gotcha' effect, which translates to an exciting photo.

2nd-DSC_3109bwre by Elfranco;
Good esthetics, technical merit, an attempt to challenge viewer as to what is 'lacy'. Don't care for the centering crop tho.

3rd-Human statue by BlackBicycle;
Creative, challenging (I like that) but where's the 'gotcha'? Incredible lighting/contrast can make a 'gotcha' happen also.

4th-Laces and Lace by an04roadking;
Love 'humor', it can substitute as 'gotcha'. Could have taken at alternate angle to challenge the viewer and improve aesthetics.

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