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Second hand Google glasses will go up in price! Or any wireless device which connects the photographer to his "Running Mate" standing-by to save democracy by running like hell with the photographs on the phone or tablet. Better, use two runners.
Seriously now. The best and only democratic solution? Ignore those undemocratic requests to delete, photograph the officer who made the request and wait if he or she is brave enough to go for your camera. There will be other photographers who will record the incident that will reach the (so called fake) newspapers and newsstations. Journalists...keep up the good work and all the best from The Netherlands.

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Satyaa: OK. If I start seeing a ton of pet photos online, all with the same look - staring into the camera, I know why...

Satyaa, you are no 100% correct. They will NOT stare INTO the lens. They will stare OVER the lens! So keep you eye open for dogs staring into heaven, hoping for cookies and bacon falling from the sky. LOL

And of course check YouTube for 100% dog-made movies with lots of dynamic action and trendy blurry shots. Created by dogs who went for the bacon and the iPhone. If lucky you will have the first movie of the inside of your dog. And all that for only $16? We should go for the package deal of 5 Flexi Paws for $ 75. Just in case your dog really likes the Flexible Paw

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"algorithms trained on a database of millions of photographs and their metadata"

Why not fill SD cards randomly with 2-5.000 of these photographs (stolen/borrowed/? from internet) and sell the SD cards? Enough to impress friends without the trouble of buying a camera, get out of the house, etc. Combine millions of photographs with hundreds of "Art" filters and you will be able to start a subscription service! Every month a new SD card with 1.000 top photographs.
Stupid idea? Well they started the trend.

Rest assured: this old guy will continue to make mistakes, learn from it and produce some rewarding photographs from time to time. Just call me Manual Focus Dinosaurus!

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On article Analog gems: 10 excellent, affordable film cameras (819 comments in total)

Nikonos IV. Survived 6 weeks/2.200 KM hanging around my neck riding my motorbike in rainy Scotland. Camping wild, so I do not think the Nikonos was really dry at any moment. Still no real digital replacement. Well, Olympus Tough TG-4 is doing well, but I miss the viewfinder. You can find Nikonos IV or V dirt cheap now (compared to when they were sold new). Also good to defend yourself when someone tries to steal your DSLR.... just swing it around (the Nikonos, not the DSLR)

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MistaHaid: Mirrorless ist the future. Why is anyone bothering with this dinosaurs anyway? btw. can it record 4K?

Mirrorless is not THE future. Neither is Leica RF.

Mirrorless: what you see in the viewfinder= what the sensor see=what you get. If you focus 100% it will be in focus.

DSLR=Fast. If you adjusted for front and or back focus AF will be OK

Range finder (Leica etc). Focus can be fast (practise) and can be spot on. If your rangefinder is perfectly adjusted and stays that way.

It will not stay perfectly adjusted over time! Been there. My M's never reached 100% score of perfect focus. 1.4 /50 Summilux (wide open), 2.0/90 mm, 135mm,.. do not expect 100% hit score.

On digital Leica M use live view to check RF adjustement. Focus with RF (on tripod) switch on LV and see if the sensor is in focus. Repeat on several distances! Remember how to adjust .

If you need 100% use live view or switch to mirrorless. My Zeiss and Leica M lenses produce great results on Sony A7II and Olympus EM-1. Avoid M-lenses < 28 mm.

Stop selecting THE BEST or THE FUTURE. Pick the best tool for the job today!

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Mike Sandman: Wow! Looks like it comes in turquoise. My wife LOVES turquoise!

Mike wait!
Relonch Mark II will be available 1st quarter 2017 in high gloss METALIC Turquoise! With Swarovsky Crystals around the lens and on all buttons. Stupid black soft rubber eyepiece of Mark I will be replace by shiny gold plastic.
This improved Mark II will only cost you a lousy extra US$5/month to make your wife really happy. Just be sure to reserve your copy before they are all claimed by other smart husbands.

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Hmmm, do I see a red label? Relonch should sell the leather glove idea to Leica. Simply replace label with Red Dot. Unlimited possibilities for endless series of limited editions. In all kinds of materials in unlimited colors. For many years you do not even have to change the actual (Panasonic) camera inside! It probably will never be used anyway.

Just do not call it a dust cover, allthough that will be its most important function. Call it "Kamera Handschuh", "Kamera-Jacke" or whatever fancy/vintagy/Germany name. Options are matching strap (+US$59) and velvet cover (+US$39) protect the leather cover.

Gold members of the Leica WiederEinmal (TM) Kamera Program can also receive (at a small extra membership fee) a monthly set of THE BEST photographs... made by selected members of the Leica Academy. "Leica,"You pay... we do the rest"!

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So "they"or "there software" will decide what your best photographs are. HOW?
In the eighties I gave hundreds of people there Holiday pictures. Often 20 out of 36 prints were "crap" Unsharp, motion blur, too dark, overexposed etc. Technical imperfections that software will be able to recognize. But what happened. Allmost all customers took all 36 photographs AND HAPPILY PAID for ALL of them. Because it was their crap. No, not crap... it was their holiday, birthday, christmas or last photograph of their dog (that died while the roll of film was in the Lab). Photography is (should be?) a personal experience.

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abortabort: This will look spectacular on my limited edition red ping-pong bat rubber grip Leica M.

@Olypent. In the fifties Russia already produced Zorki's & FED's in special colors. To give to special guests/comrades! Normal "comrades" were creative enough to modify FED's and Zorki's into Golden Luxus Leica's. Bodies in Luftwaffe Grey or Wehrmacht Green were also available. And still are. Just look at Fleabay's.

All Japanese brands produced colorfull SLR's. From white to metallic red (NIKON). Not just the lens....the whole body! Special & limited editions of course. To give the buyer the satisfying idea that he (or often SHE!) is also special. That's called creative marketing. No problem. As long as I can buy non reflective and non attention attracting black. Black paint on a Leica was a functional option. Red Leica lenses are definitely NOT: "Das Wesentliche" (The Essential)

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abortabort: This will look spectacular on my limited edition red ping-pong bat rubber grip Leica M.

@jyw5 You are right, the ping pong red does not match this metallic red Summicron. Same problem with the plastic Red Dot on the camera body. That is why it is mounted on a MP without the red dot! Of course you have paid extra to have this dot removed (YES I known the MP is also different on other details like Saphire Display). This lens is best used on a Monochrome, so there is no color red on the display that will clash with the lens color. Leica also plans a liltle booklet "Leica Fashion" in which you can find suggestions what color of camera strap, gloves, clothes and shoes you can wear to match this fashion lens which will be the first in a long line of colorfull innovations. You jealous and poor Leica basher must do with the silly metallic orange ring on your Sony A7 bodies. Or a multi-color Pentax with flashing green LED's or limited Olympus edition with fake vintage brown/green/blue* leather (100% cowfree). Well it is a free world, isn't it.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1 (221 comments in total)

Have it. Love it. If only I could transplant the Zeiss lens on my OM-D EM10.
24-120mm is good for 85% of my work. And yes you'll get used to the slow RAW processing. Here, in The Netherlands, you can buy them second hand for approx. 150 euros (US$ 175). The best way for young photographers to start with serious photography. O.K. they will not learn how to clean a DSLR sensor. That can wait, right(?)

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joe_leads: Thanks DPR for pointing Sony to the missing AF assist light with their nose. They should really fix this.

They can fix it! In the past Sony had a perfect system on their early digital camera's: a "laser beam" that projected a pattern. Worked perfect in total darkness. Those camera's were camera's with the (very primitive) sensor doing all the AF. On camera AF lights do project their pattern/light on any lens longer than a pancake. With my Sony DSC-R1 the AF light illuminated the lens. AF was quicker without. Same on my Sony A7II.
I was really (unpleasantly) surprised that the expensive Sony Flash did not project a AF pattern. Tried to find info that I should have read before investing. No Sony source does tell you that. Should have bought Nissin Air system!

Well Sony....fix-it with a simple firmware upgrade or should we call it a firmware fault correction?

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On article mini Plaster Hand is a camera mount on a belt (44 comments in total)

Tripods are often banned in situations where they can cause damage (museum, Disneyland etc.) I wonder if the people who banned the tripods will allow you to strap a metal item to their columns, furniture or whatever will fit. Protective rubber padding (detachable) would improve your changes. Personally I cannot remember many situations in the last 40 years where this item would have provided the right solution. But if you buy it and carry it around... who knows? It is small and Chinese Ebayers will probably copy it and sell it for US$ 9,99. Untill then I'll use one of the other 15-20 "perfect" tripods, clamps etc. that I've acquired in the same 40 years. If I can find them. Probably in one of my 10 "perfect" camera bags. Keep on inventing in search of the perfect....whatever!

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Wye Photography: Obviously, REAL photographers use Leica. Those who lack confidence or are insecure use one of those plastic things full of electrical gadgetry and computer control to compensate for their obvious lack of skill and ability.

"REAL" photographers have the confidence to choose the camera that's best for the job at hand. No camera, brand, style, sensor size, digital, film is optimized for all types of photography. If you like the challenge do everything with a Leica and 50 mm Summicron. If your clients expect you to deliver 100%, you must have, or rent, the best camera/lens/flashkit/.... Not to compensate for lack of confidency, insure feelings or whatever emotion. No, to survive in a very demanding market. This cold hard fact seperates Professional photographers from "Real" photographers. But there is enough living space for real passionate amateur photographers. With or without Leica. Whatever Leica, with or without LCD, it is just a tool (like any camera)). And now you can create your own custom made my Leica (and Zeiss) glass on my Sony A7II. Or Pentax67 lenses on Olympus OM-D, or...
It was, is and will remain the right combination of photographer, equipment and workflow that do the job.

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New business opportunity for creative Chinese Ebay sellers...

Screen protectors made out of black plastic!

Return of anticipation for only US$0,99
(Also available with red dot or ISO indicator for only US $2,99)

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Thin black cardboard $ 1,00/sheet
Hobby knife: $5,00 (you probably allready have one)
Rubber lenshood:$2,00 (Fleabay)
Imagination and creativity: Free (if you have any)

Cut any shape you want. Stick it somewhere in the lenshood>>>>Ready!
You have that special bokeh. Experiment with size of cut out shape and position in lenshood.

Want to use the same again and again? Place it between two UV filters or tape it on a sheet of clear acrylic. Use badly scratched UV filters/acrylic to get Daguerreo look. Vaseline also works.

It works. Do it since the 1970's, long before Kickstarter victims existed.
Once every 5 years, with star shaped bokeh at Christmas day. For fun. Next day, start making real photographs again. Believe me, it does not make a bad photograph any better.

Lock at this lens. Basically just a long brass lens hood with bad glass at the camera side of the tunnel. Hyped with smart marketing and fancy serial numbers.

So start with the cardboard trick before spending $500+

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On photo I See You in the Macro - Machine challenge (1 comment in total)

The definition of Macro= 1:1 or bigger. So on the sensor (or film) the object is the same size or bigger than in real life.

So please disqualify at leasts the entries that are not even 1:1 on the final photo. Up to 80% of entries are not macro.

Photo's of complete machines, shavers etc are definitely not macro photo's.
Close-up photo's at best. They simply cannot be 1:1 on the sensor or film. O.K., a shaver could be 1:1, if you photographed it using 8x10 inch film.

(and Japanese trees in Kyoto are beautifull l...but not a machine)

But why should you read the rules. Just enter whatever you find first on your HD. And let your family and friends vote so you think you scored high in the challenge "Macro Machine". Keep on dreaming, the challenge host will not wake you up. Neither will this message, or did it?

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On photo First Fishing Trip for Sarah in the Children Fishing challenge (1 comment in total)

ifyou had cropped out the top 1/3 and left only the grass you had earned another star.

Try it, the big and dark wooden beams kill the fairytale magic.

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On photo I Believe I Can't Fly in the Extreme Photographers challenge (1 comment in total)

read the rules! Where is the photographer?

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How can you compare the prices of one creative "product" to another?

It becomes even more complicated if you realize that a wedding photographer delivers more than just photographs. How about the "feel good" factor, the "click" between the photographer, you and your guest? Are you willing to pay for the simple fact you can tell everybody your wedding pics will be taken by the famous......?

Sounds strange? Well, most people are willing to pay $3 for a beer that is worth $0,30. Why? Because they like the exclusive restaurant they selected for their wedding. The couple also pay a heap of money for the invitations which are basically just paper, right? How much for the flowers? And why is that designer brides dress so expensive?

Get the picture? It is freedom of choice for the consumer how much to spend on their wedding. It is up to the happy couple to go for "expensive" photographs or to spend it on drinks. Give them what they expect and you remain in business.

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