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Ben is a great photographer who creates beautiful images and is doing things that I (random internet person) could never do. I appreciate his commitment to social change and helping other people.

With that said, I feel like the concept of native peoples being adversely affected by climate change gets a bit lost here: in spite of the 'indigenous' person standing in the middle of a burning hot lava flow, he seems powerful and in control (impressive feat by the model), like he belongs there, not precarious and vulnerable- which would seem more in keeping with the intended concept.

Either way, cool looking images. Great work under extreme conditions.

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PeaceKeeper: I have yet to figure out why the public is more comfortable with the horribly ambiguous sounding "cloud" as opposed to, say, "distributed file service", or "integrated file server".

Clouds are fluffy and I can see them! Sounds like a good place to store my data!

I have an excellent solution- it's subtly brilliant (though you have to trust me). There is a Google Chrome extension called 'Cloud to Butt'', and how it works is by changing every occurrence of 'The Cloud' you come across to 'the Butt'. That's it.

I always forget I have it and almost die of laughter every few months. Happy clouding.

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Beautiful talk - really gets at the heart of why I liked photography: a subtle magic that is honest-to-goodness real. Your soul touches the soul of your surroundings, you learn about the world and about yourself, you develop that 'magical' intuition and vision that allows you to slow down and capture the moments between moments. The world is constantly speaking truth to us, but that truth is often a painful space in which to exist - so we collapse the moments with distraction and life becomes a race to the finish. It's inspirational to see someone who is brave enough to follow truth, to live truly.

Thank you for posting this - dearly needed and appreciated.

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I'm with all those who say it's a new format altogether-why else would they go on and on about all the firsts of this company and then use 'brand new format' (all errors notwithstanding)? As improbable as it seems, I think it's even more improbable that whoever wrote this press release has the capacity to be ironic.

Ricoh/Pentax isn't afraid to innovate, beyond even what was already mentioned. There's the Theta, Q series, (nearly) disruptively inexpensive medium format, pro level features in a reasonably priced consumer camera, all the games they play with IBIS, etc... Not all these are great, but you cannot accuse Pentax of being afraid to try something new.

A new sensor format niche would also seem logical vis a vis competing in a nearly saturated full frame market.

Call me what you will, but here's hoping that this is more than just a stall tactic. At least for this bleeding heart Pentaxian, something new (and good) would be a very welcome concession after years of waiting.

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It's refreshing to see a return to portraying photography as what it is: an artistic medium.

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I propose a dpreview drinking game: 1) Prepare your drink of choice 2) Randomly select an article on this site and go directly to the comments section. 3) Take one shot or sip (however bad your night is going) for each time someone makes a comment related to FF equivalent focal length or size of image circle, two shots for a dissertation on depth of field/angle of view, and three to five for complaints on how much dpreview slanders their camera system of choice.

Who's with me?

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RoelHendrickx: and the point is?

A cool, albeit bulky and involved, way to adapt dSLR lenses to mobile phone. Maybe a better use could be as a manual focusing aid for taking SLR photos?

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Xeexon: But imagine: Sony RX100 (or RX1 for the deeper pocketed crowd) Android camera smartphone.

Well, Android aside (I assume that's the issue at hand), if there were a phone that had RX100 camera innards and smartphone specs at least as good as Samsung Galaxy SIII, it would be a dream product for any photog who carries a smartphone- and any photo enthusiast in the same category as well.

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But imagine: Sony RX100 (or RX1 for the deeper pocketed crowd) Android camera smartphone.

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