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On article Here at last: Nikon announces D500 (1175 comments in total)

I'm a DX shooter. I like it. I've been using a D7100 since it was new on the market. I still use the D300 that the 7100 "replaced." And, I only got the 7100 when it appeared there would not be a D300 replacement. Suddenly, here's the D500, just in the nick of time as I was getting ready to spring for a 7200 (mostly due to it's larger buffer and Wi-Fi connectivity). I'd have been plenty upset if I'd ordered a 7200 before this week! )o',

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teeranui: You really can't take bad pictures in Maui.

Well, having lived on the island for 32+ years, I can assure you CAN take bad pictures here, just not as easily . . . (o',

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GlobalGuyUSA: FujiFilm is doing a GOOD job. I am a life-long Nikon user, and I strongly appreciate what FujiFilm is doing for the market, and how it is taking care of its customers.

Anyone can say a product "isn't finished" when released -- Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, etc, had many troubles when they released new products (imperfect VR, imperfect focusing, imperfect oil mechanisms, etc). There is no such thing as the "perfect" product at release. There is only such thing as Manufacturers who STOP supporting the product as soon as its released.

I really appreciate that FujiFilm "comes back to" products which are older than 1 year old, sometimes older than several years old, and makes modest to even dramatic improvements.

This is the sign of a quality manufacturer.

When FujiFilm makes their full-frame camera, it will have loyal customers ready to stand by that brand, the way the brand has been standing by their products.

I went from Fuji to Nikon when it became evident Fuji weren't going to market an S6Pro. Like you, I'd be happy to go (back) to Fuji for a FF model. Visualize crossed fingers. (o',

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On article Datacolor offers Spyder5 with redesigned calibrator (115 comments in total)
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tmaxxtigger: Have a Spyder 1 & 3. I wonder if these incremental improvements make that much of a difference, the old version seems to work really well already. Moving from the 1 to 3 was a fair jump, mostly in that the calibration took a lot less time.

I've had a Spyder4Express for a few years now, no complaints. But, it's my understanding that sensor 'sensitivity' somehow diminishes over time. Even if that's not a problem, I think I'll upgrade (with a "newer is better" mindset - visualize crossed fingers!)

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On article Facebook introduces shared photo albums (15 comments in total)

No slideshow? Come on Facebook, it's not hard to do.

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The rivets (?) attaching the grip are as tacky as tacky can be. < sigh >

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Geoffrey Kitt: I do use Flickr - rather as a bulk repository for images of family and social events and motorsport photography.

I dislike the clunky user interface intensely and the presentation is pretty mediocre too.

I'm now making more use of Facebook for my social and family photography and Flickr doesn't come close to the (relative) ease of use and flexible presentation of pBase where I keep my public portfolio.

So, Flickr, you are being squeezed from both sides! I'm not sure if you can survive.

I'm with you on Facebook, Geoffrey, all it needs now is a decent slideshow program to make it perfect for my social and family photography needs.

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On article Adobe releases Camera Raw v6.7 release candidate (27 comments in total)

"Photoship" CS5? That's funny.

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