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To cut it short, what the editor is saying is that Nikon has to duplicate the Sony A7R Mk IV and A9 MK II. It was not necessary, the path is already mapped out as is Canon's.
How boring!

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No wonder whatsoever for a company always lagging behind competitors.

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moimoi: I can guarantee this camera will be a big flop. Size matters for those who want quality and fun ;)

I am afraid you're right.

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All good things come to an end. I personally find this underwhelming and I'll quit.

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Aoi Usagi: I am not liking the memory card door. It also acts as the thumb rest. I have a feeling that I would break the door, holding the camera too tight. When holding the camera, the natural thing is to push on the thumb rest, the same way the door opens. It puts a lot of stress on the locking pins. But I am sure Nikon has thought about it and made the door robust.

Neither do I, same fear here.

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Leica install faulty sensors in hugely expensive cameras and users need to pay to get them replaced !!?? Leica ought to be ashamed of themselves. No more Leica for me.

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Are we sure the camera is made of magnesium alloy ? Perhaps the housing only. Top and bottom plates should be brass made.

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TFD: 4/3 was born when DLSR's had 6M APS-C sensors and the pixel wars had not started and at a time when sensors were more costly and difficult to make. 4/3 was perhaps a reasonable size to squeeze 5-6M pixels into.
With the advent of APS-C and FF sensors in the 24-50M range the 4/3 is now penalized in its ability to complete (this applies to the M4/3 as well). What make the current M4/3 cameras doubly disadvantaged is they are not cheaper than their APC-C competition either from a camera or system perspective.

The one advantage 4/3 had was to offer smaller lenses and larger zoom ranges. Given that you can find multiple APS-C zoom lenses in the 18-250 and 16-300 range it should have been possible to make a 4/3 lens in the 12- >250mm (eq. 24-500++) range. As a travel camera a 4/3 camera with a long range zoom lens could have been an appealing product, sadly no one ever built one...

In a nutshell, that's the gist of it. I fully concur.

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I have had the possibility to test the Leica SL for a while, in more than one occasion, and I concur with this review which I find rather adequate.

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Olympus! What's new under this sky?: usual carelessness and botch.

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CortoPA: Whats the warranty on the shutter? (Actuations)

Correct: 200.000

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Sergey Borachev: "Compared to its larger sensor competitors, the E-M1 II shows a noise penalty of about 1EV, which is higher than the 2/3EV you'd expect from sensor size alone." - DPReview

After 3 years, the new E-M1 II has gained only a tiny improvement in IQ, while competitors pull ahead and leave it further behind. Not using the latest sensor technology provides, this E-M1 is disappointing in the one fundamental area that is important to numerous photographers, the quality of the image.

I fully agree.

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Laws must be obeyed and relevant penalties applied.

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As a long-time Leica fan, this camera leaves me totally indifferent.

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Alphoid: Bets on how much it retails for? Post your best guess below. Closest guess is the winner.

US$ 1.999

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To me, these are 10 good reasons NOT to buy iphone 7.
My two cents.

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Bouddha: Again, I have difficulties to understand how the 80% was given when compared to I.e. A X100S or T.
I own both, the Q and an X100T.
The Q lens is faster
The Q lens is sharper
The Q AF is much faster
The Q Body is of much higher QA
The Q has IS
The Q ISO performance is a little better
The Q has better video

The Q has a Lower ranking than an X100S ???

I concur.

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RandallDunphy: I do believe that with the newly announced firmware 4.0, there should be an updated review based on what is a new camera. Any thoughts?

I second that, after 4 firmware up-dates the e-m1 is, to say the least, a different camera.

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