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On article Apple to cease development of Aperture (425 comments in total)
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EJ Fudd: when I bought my mac in 2009 I purchased Apeture and LR..stayed with LR

Same with me but I dumped LR. What a piece of rubbish code.

Link | Posted on Jul 1, 2014 at 22:15 UTC
On article Apple to cease development of Aperture (425 comments in total)
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WildSammy: I switched from LR to Aperture, now is Apple dropping Aperture.. so any ideas on Aperture replacement? Capture One or Aftershot? I liked Aperture was like PS and LR together in one app.. this will be missing me :-(

It was to be expected that Apple would drop "aperture". I started to switch file handling a few months ago: raw files are stored in the finder file system (yyyy/mm/dd/files). I started to develop files with C1 then time bye time but I have to confess that I really will miss some of the features of apterture very much.

One of them is organizing by keywords. Will this efforts drop? My fear ...

Link | Posted on Jun 30, 2014 at 23:05 UTC

I still use the boxed version of Aperture (comes on a DVD) and so I can not upgrade to 3.5. This update only works with an AppStore license! Bummer

Link | Posted on Oct 23, 2013 at 20:40 UTC as 22nd comment | 6 replies
On article Another Hasselblad rebadge or Photoshopped hoax? (185 comments in total)

I would expect are more clunky "prism" housing, maybe full metal ... ?

Link | Posted on Oct 17, 2013 at 19:47 UTC as 120th comment
On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 6D In-depth Review (532 comments in total)
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hud80: The best review is from the real users. Yesterday I have looked for the d600 has 4 star rating on average, and all 1 to 3 stars which is 70 reviews out of 223 (31%) complains about horrible dust and oil issues. As already noted here, it is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS that DPR does not take that into account, this must be a very-very serious concern!
On the other hand, Canon 6d has only 6 out of 58 2-3 stars rating (none of 1) and average of 4.5. None of the users with 2-3 rating report any technical problems, just complaining about setting up wi-fi (RTFM!), of course comparing to d600, etc.

count me in. The 6D is my upgrade from the 5D – I love the silent shutter!

Link | Posted on Feb 17, 2013 at 18:53 UTC
On article The DSLR Field Camera (168 comments in total)

I use a 50 mm macro lens in combination with a light pano head. The provides outstanding resolution as well

Link | Posted on Dec 26, 2012 at 19:03 UTC as 64th comment

I will buy it, had the chance to play and shoot with the lens today. Impressive results.

Link | Posted on Nov 23, 2012 at 18:42 UTC as 15th comment
On article Apple releases Aperture v3.3 with iPhoto integration (41 comments in total)
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tonywong: Would like to see an announcement for Aperture 4 or whatever they want to call it. Lens corrections and better de-noising features please. And more performance too!

Is there an elegant way to use Capture One and leaving Aperture?

Link | Posted on Jun 19, 2012 at 22:23 UTC
On article Apple releases Aperture v3.3 with iPhoto integration (41 comments in total)
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Roadtripper: I'm disappointed in Apple for making this update exclusive to OS 10.7.4. I like Snow Leopard, and yes, I DID try OS Lion for a while. I'm not a Lightroom 4 user, but I will check it out now. If Adobe stays compatible with older Apple OS's I may just switch.

Incredible enough to cut off 10.6 users. This is a real shock for me.

Link | Posted on Jun 19, 2012 at 22:15 UTC
On article Sony NEX-7 high-end APS-C mirrorless camera first look (352 comments in total)

Seems to be ideal for discrete photography, thanks to the viewfinder.

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