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Im a Samsung and Android fan who own DSLRs and I wouldnt even pay $999.00 for the kit.

Samsung really need to reconsider their pricing.

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AngryCorgi: It's "Barry Lyndon", not "Barry Lydon".

welcome to

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too bad the movie was terrible, probably is worst.

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Devendra: welcome to the digital world prince. within a year or two you will be the most documented and digitized prince in the entire history of the world.
you will have an enormous digital footprint to get "oh no not again" groans from most folks for the rest of their lives.

replace prince with parasite

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The Nikon 1 system is not dead yet ? Amazing...

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On article iFixit tears into the Samsung Galaxy S4 (55 comments in total)
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backayonder: and the purpose of iFixit is what exactly?

take a guess, if you cant find it, we will help you

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$1500 for this camera !! ?? Is this a joke ?

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viking79: This also scares me as it could easily be a way to prevent 3rd party companies from making lenses for their cameras.

To me, there is too much hassle involved in this, i.e. do you want security or freedom and I would rather have freedom. Sure, it sucks to have a lens stolen, but when it prevents you from shooting it is even worse.

Has anyone here ever had a Honda? Ever unplugged the negative cable and not been able to find your radio code? Really sucks.

a little bit paranoid IMO. Are you also a member of the NRA ?

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(unknown member): This doesn't stop thieves from stealing your equipment. What are they going to do, ask "is this lens password protected, 'cause if it is I will just not bother stealing it"...

wow, that was a clueless comment.

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MightyMike: Would you have to enter the password every freaken time you switch lenses? that would be asinine for anyone who needs to switch lenses and get the next shot immediately... give them credit for thinking outside the box but maybe this one needs some more thinking.

that would be unlikely. First time on the body, you enter the PIN and voilà, you can use the lens for lets say, a year until you need to enter it again. I think its a great idea.

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Nexguy: Worst idea ever.

why ?

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draschan: hm, I could never understand the fun side in shooting and killing animals (even after reading most of hemingway)

and they call that a sport, amazing.

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another reason to boycott this lame company.

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On article Pentax offers K-30 in a variety of colors and finishes (118 comments in total)

Im glad I no longer shoot Pentax. What a pathetic company it is now...

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On article We put the HTC One's ultrapixels to the test (172 comments in total)
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SLove: The closest technological peer of the HTC One is the Nokia Lumia 920 with its optical IS and f/2.0 lens. While I don't own neither camera, judging from the various online examples I'm pretty sure the HTC One would show no real advantage over the Lumia 920 in low light shots with the latter scaled back to 4 MP. Of course the Lumia 920 would still show better resolution at full resolution.

byt who wants a Nokia ? Nobody...

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On article We put the HTC One's ultrapixels to the test (172 comments in total)
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danroso: Sensor size and aperture are more important than pixel size. Nokia 808 still the King!

the king of the ghost phones. I have never seen a new Nokia phone yet (2011+)

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On article Transcend releases 64GB microSDXC UHS-I memory card (39 comments in total)
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Marty4650: These high capacity cards probably only exist for video needs.

Who the heck would put 10,000 photos on a card?

It would take me a year to shoot that many photos, and even a few months for most heavy users. That's an awful lot of post processing work for one night!

I have Sandisks Ultra 64GB in my phone and my tablet.

Cheap (was 50$ on amazon a few months ago), fast(200X), huge capacity, water proof, temperature proof, shock proof and x-ray proof.

My MP3 collection takes 24gig so 64GB was a minimum for me.

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