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"Instead of showing what your friends are doing and thinking, it just dives straight to their photo galleries."

Now I'm aggravated. My FB apps don't show what my 5,217 friends are thinking. I must not have the telepathy app. Probably needs a Bluetooth brain implant. I didn't get that implant so I can't learn from their implants. I'm just so ..... disconnected.

PS: Facebook IPO = schadenfreude. $33. Probably a dead cat bounce.

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Because the author was confused for a moment. It's clearly news and should be moved/re-posted.

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lensberg: The 5D III literally destroys the competition in JPEG... (decisively beating even the D4...) producing cleaner... sharper... and visibly higher levels of detail consistently throughout the sensitivity spectrum...

There is definitely over 1½ stops between the 5D III and 5D II. Whats amazing though is how good the old 5D II seems to be performing in RAW against this current generation of full framers...

The D800 seems to employ a much more heavy handed approach towards noise (both JPEG & RAW)... smudging out its resolution advantage from ISO 3200... Nikon doesn't seem to have mastered the art of reproducing extremely fine hair & brush textures...

Nikon's D4 NEF's have less chroma noise at the cost of precious detail... the 5D III's RAW's exhibit slightly higher levels of chroma... but details remain impeckable...

For all those DXO Mark devotees... most often DXO's scoring system doesn't reflect the reality of how these various manufacturers sensors perform on a day to day basis...

Tongue in cheek, like n1zr (above), right?

I first thought you might be serious until I ran across "impeckable". That was a good touch, nicely done!

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glanglois: "More universal" means ..... what? Is that like "more perfect" or "to infinity and beyond!" ?

I once spent an evening contemplating "50% less dark". That probably explains some of my other behavior .....

That was a fine reply, Mike.

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"More universal" means ..... what? Is that like "more perfect" or "to infinity and beyond!" ?

I once spent an evening contemplating "50% less dark". That probably explains some of my other behavior .....

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bluevellet: The biggest criticism I read from this preview is that "the buttons are too small".

Isn't that Andy?

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Poor me - love to have this but I shoot Pentax for a variety of other reasons.

I cannot speak for others but this would allow me to shoot interiors of churches/cathedrals/museums stopped down to f/4 for sharpness or left at 2.8 if the interior is very dim. Many of these venues do not welcome tripods but have breathtaking wood carving and/or gilding that would greatly benefit from this.

Sigh ....

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Query: What does "environmentally sealed" mean in regard to this camera? Perhaps a typo?

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Uaru: the prices are a joke:
$349.99 (US) / £349.99 (UK) / €359 (EU)

If you're looking at $349.99 (US) / £349.99 (UK) / €359 (EU), it's the Americans who are getting the great deal. I have looked at prices in the UK when visiting - I can usually get VAT returned if I take the gear home. But I haven't yet found anything that was cheaper in the UK.

In this case, the UK price is equal to more than USD $550 and the euro price is about $480 (although the don't indicate which country's VAT is being used.

Is my math missing something ???

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On article BBC blog takes a look at life behind the lens (12 comments in total)

Haven't read it yet. Did he run afoul of the Metropolitan Police in 2011?

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Suntan: Personally, I think an article showing the merits/tradeoffs between constant lighting and strobe, umbrellas and softboxes, etc. would be more in line with normal reviews on DP.

In the past I've always come to appreciate the reviews on DP because of the no-nonsense, in depth technical breakdown of the device (usually cameras) now we just get a list of kits, basic marketing rundowns and links to Amazon for buying them...


Thanks, Amadou. I would appreciate just that sort of help prior to shopping for these sets.

I'm not being critical as we get progress when one good idea begets another, but this would have worked better if the suggested article preceded this one. So ... does it make sense to refresh this article as an addendum to the suggested article?

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Daniel Payne: News flash - most Professional photography equipment is purchased by amateurs just for the pure fun of photography. As a professional photographer I am often working at a wedding where Uncle Harry and Aunt Martha have more expensive gear than I do. The equipment is not what makes you a professional, it's the training, experience, business acumen, artistic eye, and the ability to stay in business. The best investment I ever made was to join an affiliate of the PPA and learn from others with more experience, attend workshops and seminars, etc.

@ AbrasiveReducer

Now I've seen everything. A forum post on the Internet that displays an understanding of grammar and syntax as well as (gasp!) proper use of a semicolon.

You have restored my faith, sir or madam.

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Sosua: So many noob comments here. Hilarious reading.

Some are easily amused, it seems.

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On article Street Photographers test freedom to shoot in London (184 comments in total)
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dgoakill: Kind of disappointed in this. I only watched the first few minutes of the video and the only street photography I saw was when a little girl sitting on a concrete bollard snapped a pic of the so called street photographer.

You don't use a tripod for street, and you don't use a zoom either. This is NOT street photography just because it was taken on the street. These people are using tripods and zooms to shoot BUILDINGS, not people.YOU ARE ASKING TO BE HARASSED when you conduct yourself in that manner in public. Your rights only go so far as not to infringe on another person. IF someone tells you to stop photographing them, YOU STOP! Period. In The USA, it is Illegal to shoot certain buildings and bridges. Laws have already been passed regarding this and are not subject to debate, it is a done deal.

This video and actions like this by wanna be street photographersgive street photography a bad name and makes it that much harder for the rest of us to pursue the genre.

Silly. Once again I have to point out that an individual is not representative of Americans in general. And, in this case, is wrong on several fronts.

OTOH, I would not haul out the tripod and long glass to shoot a nuclear power site or military installation. I will further note that the US Department of Justice has had to issue a notice to its staff and the public that it is not illegal to photograph the exterior of federal buildings like courthouses.

On the gripping hand, my rule of thumb for a poster's credibility is that it is inversely proportional to the use of caps. Looks like that rule works well here.

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