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At the risk of seeming naïve. Aren’t many of you completely missing the point. The viewfinder is an aid to composition. The view through an OVF is not reality. If you want reality I will happily sell you a precision cut piece of mounting card with a 3:2 cut out (4:3 cut outs will also be available). This can be made weatherproof with the addition of some cling film. Reading many of the posts I get the distinct feeling that many contributors never get beyond the “looking at the image in the viewfinder stage” and do not actually press the shutter far less print the resulting image. If you want to “see” what you are about to shoot can I suggest raising your eye a few cm above the eyepiece (OVF or EVF ) and look. You can even save a lot of money and weight by not bringing the camera. Larger viewfinder, no problem, larger piece of card.
There is only one question to be answered. Does the viewfinder help ME take better images?

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