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No viewfinder is a deal breaker for me. Too bad.

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Biowizard: It's coming soon ... heaven help us all ... the "mirrorless" iPhone with interchangeable lenses! But do we want it? NO!!!!!

There's a reason "DSLRs" work - and its no longer because the bodies were modified from film versions. Rather, it's why 35mm SLRs were SO much more successful in overall sales and market penetration than any other form of serious camera.

Yes, the 6x6 and 6x4.5 medium format Hasselblads, Mamiyas and Pentaxes gave even better resolution, depth of field control, and so on - but they were too "big" for most uses.

Yes, the 110 SLR (Pentax, remember it?) or even APS (where I have I heard that acronym of late?) SLRs appeared and then vanished like sparkle-dust: why? Too small. Too small to handle, too small to use, too small, period.

The 35mm is simply the "right" size to hold, adjust, plug things into, and shoot with.

So LONG LIVE the 35mm-sized DSLR! And away with these micro-sized system cameras. I already have an iPhone.


For some, this may be a good solution between getting an DSLR (larger) and using a phone (worse quality).

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