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Carl Mucks: Now, ask yourself a simple question. How many people would buy a $1300 24-200mm f/8 lens for their FF cameras? That's right, the answer is 'close to zero'. Because the lens is too expensive, too slow for anything but a bright daylight, and offers no DOF control. Basically the pictures look pretty much like coming from a typical P&S camera. And that's the antithesis for FF shooters. Are m43 shooters content with P&S quality and the insane prices?

Of course, there will be those who will claim that that zoom offers great flexibility being that small and having such a huge zoom range. I find those arguments meaningless. Ask yourself, do you want more pictures or better pictures? I'd rather have one great picture than thousands of mediocre ones.

Bottom line, dump those slow zooms, get one, two, maybe three bright good quality primes and take fewer but better pictures.

Lots of people spend $600+ on a fixed 20-ish mm F11+ FF equiv. lens. But guess what? It takes good photos in daylight and the camera fits in their pocket.

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I am not at all convinced that the tripod screw will stay on the V-shaped mount. A little loose, the camera will tip forward and fell off. Am I missing something here?

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I wonder if I can use Mindstorm to do that....

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I have a lot more respect to this guy after learning that he never spend > $15 on a camera.

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I had the Stylus Epic and it is a wonderful camera. But if my memory serves, to turn off the camera, one must slide close. Which always hit the extended lens on the side before the lens retracts.

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Kona Mike: It is real lame that neither can take a photo while shooting video.

Would be nice to get both the happy birthday song video and a picture blowing the candles.

If it can shoot 4K, you might as well extract the 8MP image from video later to avoid that shake when pressing shutter button by hand.

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technotic: I get a "Too many people using Prisma - try later" message. Didn't they watch the "what if 30 million people download our app - we're not good" ad?

I wonder if they have people sitting in the other end to "touch up" or select the best combination?

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joe6pack: I like the idea!

But one problem is that while the photographer blink, the camera also shakes. Paired with a small sensor and likely very small aperture, the image is going to be either very noise or very blurry.

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Dirtistasty2: The model sold me. She's super cute!

How about him?

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I like the idea!

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Seems very useful. But how does the backpack stay on the back then? Specifically, how does the backpack distribute its load onto both shoulders.

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So the broken glass melted through the tarp yet I can see the guys neck and t-shirt exposed.

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I hope Apple charges a ton of money for the royalty so no company will license the patent.

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$6,799 USD raised by 307 backers.
45% of $15,000 flexible goal with 2 months left. Go figure!

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Am I understanding that while focusing the light, these engineered material block most of the light?

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On article mini Plaster Hand is a camera mount on a belt (44 comments in total)

Handrails are long and usually vibrates a lot on touch. You can't count on them for stability.

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On article DxO OpticsPro 11 brings advanced Raw noise reduction (110 comments in total)
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OBI656: $69.00 is a crazy upgrade price. I will pass on this upgrade.

How did you find out the upgrade price? I don't see it in their website.

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On article DxO OpticsPro 11 brings advanced Raw noise reduction (110 comments in total)

Can I install DXO 11 along with older version without interfering with earlier installation?

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On article DxO OpticsPro 11 brings advanced Raw noise reduction (110 comments in total)
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Tahir Hashmi: Long time DxO Optics Pro user here and I just did a quick comparison between DxO 11 and DxO 10 regarding PRIME 2016 NR and Spot Weighted Smart Lighting. I'm happy to report that the improvements are real.

First off, my favourite High ISO Test shot for NR.
PRIME 2016
PRIME 2014

I've rendered this shot previously with PRIME (2014), LR 5 and Capture NX2 (links in the photo description). PRIME 2016 is head and shoulders above the methods I previously tried. It's got better details, colour saturation, shadow areas and smooth area rendering.

[1/2] continued...

The color, exposure and even distortion correction are different! How about keeping them all the same except for the noise NR?

Link | Posted on Jun 2, 2016 at 18:56 UTC
On article DxO OpticsPro 11 brings advanced Raw noise reduction (110 comments in total)
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Androole: Does anyone have any actual examples that shows that the PRIME noise reduction is worthwhile?

I've tried the "best" NR packages in the past (i.e. Topaz DeNoise) and find that they all still obliterate too much detail. I'm happy removing chroma noise which is dead easy in any package, but I haven't yet found a noise reduction solution for luminance noise that looks better than leaving it untouched. Your mileage and aesthetic preferences may vary.

My experience is that high ISO image taken under good light (as in your case) does not really reflect the noise under poor indoor light.

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